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FTW-V/C white acrylic / manual

FTW-V/C white acrylic / manual

FTW-V/C  High quality close-grain vacuum-impregnated pine guaranteed to be knot-free, finished with white acrylic paint. Conservation window suitable for any room 

Glazing options:
P2 - Safety double glazed unit. Toughened outer pane, laminated inner pane. U value 1.2 W/m²K 

Three depth options are available to suit all coverings:Standard depth (denoted by the last letter ‘V’ e.g. EZV) Installation 3cm higher than standard depth (denoted by the last letter ‘N’)Installation 3cm lower than standard depth (denoted by the letter ‘J’)For conservation roof windows ‘J’ ashings are most commonly used to provide the required low profile.