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RZN Control Units

RZN Control Units

Control units are used for operating motors in the event of a fire as well as daily building ventilation. It is possible to connect OSD smoke sensor, ZRD rain sensor, RT 45 alarm buttons, LT 84U ventilation switch. The control unit works in monitoring mode on a daily basis and is supplied from 230V AC mains. In case of a fire, the rain sensor sends a signal to the control unit which, in turn, automatically sets in motion the window motors. Because of safety considerations, the control unit is equipped with an independent power backup which allows it to work in the monitoring mode for 72 hours.

  • Fakro RZN 4402-K Control Unit for one window (£ 739.00)
    £ 739.00 inc VAT
    £ 615.83 ex VAT

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  • Fakro RZN 4404-K Control Unit operate up to two windows (£ 887.00)
    £ 887.00 inc VAT
    £ 739.17 ex VAT

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  • Fakro RZN 4408-K Control Unit operate up to four windows (£ 1,054.00)
    £ 1,054.00 inc VAT
    £ 878.33 ex VAT

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