5 Ways Natural Light Can Help Maintain a Healthy Body

No matter how much our lifestyles evolve and our technologies improve, it is undeniable that our bodies have adapted to the natural world for millennia, and we still can get a lot of benefits from interacting and relying on our natural world. This includes natural lighting in particular: we get a lot of benefits from allowing natural lighting into our homes, but a lot of people don’t realize this. That’s why we’ll explore a multitude of ways natural lighting helps you maintain a healthy body. 

natural light

#1 Boosts Vitamin D Development in Your Body

Getting the most obvious benefit out of the day, it is common knowledge that sunlight hitting our skin helps us produce vitamin D. People who don’t go outside or who live in really cloudy areas regularly suffer from vitamin D deficiencies. Vitamin D is necessary for bone strength and our immune system, so without an adequate amount of it, we’ll be more exposed to diseases and injury. You can alleviate some of the problems by taking supplements, but nothing beats the natural process. That’s why it is really important to expose yourself to natural lighting to maintain a healthy body.

#2 Reduces Depression and Improves Mood

Did you know that people in really cloudy areas have more depressive episodes? Did you know more people get depressed in the fall and winter? Do you know why? One of the main reasons, according to peer-reviewed research, is the lack of adequate sunlight. 

That’s right: natural lighting helps improve mood — it has been thoroughly documented. Even without science and experiments, our ancestors knew this intuitively because they regularly describe spring and summer in more joyous terms than they do autumn and winter.

#3 Improves and Regulates Sleep

Our body regulates sleep through a few different hormones, and do you know what regulates when our body produces these hormones? You won’t be surprised to learn that one of the main regulators is natural lighting. When our body is exposed to natural lighting from outside, it starts producing less of these hormones and we eventually wake up. When it isn’t exposed to lighting, it starts producing more hormones and we feel sleepy. This makes natural lighting a massive component in a sound sleeping schedule. By synergizing and synchronizing your sleeping pattern with natural lighting from the sun tunnels, you get much better quality sleep.

#4 Reduces Damage from Unnatural Sources of Lighting

Although we’ve improved lighting technologies substantially in the last fifty years, we’ve still got a long way to go before we could design lighting sources that don’t have our eyes. Our eyes have evolved for millions of years getting accustomed to the sun and its lighting, so it is much less tiring to our eyes compared with artificial lighting. If you rely more on natural lighting and less on artificial lighting throughout the day, you’ll be saving your eye from damage. 

#5 Natural Lighting Kills Some Bacteria and Prevent Some Diseases

A lot of bacterias are vulnerable to the climate, and this includes warmth, direct sunlight, etc. If you’ve ever talked to old people who like to talk about natural remedies, you’ll likely hear them talk about the benefits of sunlight in preventing diseases, and there’s some truth to what they’re saying. Some bacteria do indeed die by getting exposed to direct sunlight and ensuring you have adequate sunlight in your home makes for a healthier family.


People pay less and less attention to natural lighting, but not only are they an excellent element to spice up your home’s design, but they also carry a lot of health benefits. We went over 5 ways natural lighting improves your health in this article.