How to choose a loft ladder?

Selecting a loft ladder is a tough decision. You are unsure of which type will fit the best and which variety will suit your interior the most. There are so many different options that you might be confused. Take a moment to think about what you really need and look for. Is it access speed, extra safety, minimalistic design or comfort? When you know what you need the most, choose your style.

Folding ladder for a super access speed

This type is pretty straightforward to use. You can fold it up in one or two sections that stack up on top of each other when it’s folded. It’s one of the most popular options. The best choice when it comes to the material is definitely timber. It feels the most secure and safe out of all materials offered on the market, and also is the smoothest and quickest to operate. Other matters, such as aluminium can bend of flex and lose it’s original even surface. It shouldn’t affect its durability but it looks will certainly be upsetting!

The minimalistic design of telescopic ladders

Those simple and minimalistic ladders have conquered the hearts of many. The attention to the smallest details is their identification feature, and the quality of the material is phenomenal. It doesn’t steal any of the loft space, therefore they are perfect for limited spaces. If you need a sturdy and very easy to install and use a ladder, this is your number one.

Electric ladders for comfort

If you are a fan of technology, an electric ladder is a that you have to check out! There are multiple choices on the market, such as semi-electric or fully-electric. They work in a similar way to the folding ladders but are operated through a press of the button that makes them unfold themselves. The decision of which model you choose really depends on your personal needs and expectations.

Extra safety for the family

If you have little ones coming to the loft, the first thing you want to do is to keep them safe. The easiest and most suitable option is an additional handrail. There are many models and colours to choose from, so don’t worry about matching up with the interior design. Prioritise safety by adding the accessories to your dream ladder!

As you see, there are many options when it comes to finding the right ladder for your loft. You can choose between shapes, designs and materials to come up with the one that matches you perfectly. When you decide on a specific role that your ladder should have, it’s easier to choose a specific brand, colour or material. Remember that you can also accessorise your loft ladder to make it fit in perfectly with the decor and be more functional.