Eaves Storage Solutions – Excellent Use of Loft Space

Do you lack storage space in your home? Don’t know where to store your belongings and valuables? Looking for loft storage ideas that are both practical and inexpensive to meet your storage needs?

If yes, then you will love eave storage ideas. Although often ignored, the eave can be an excellent, practical space beneath to store valuables, furniture, clothes, old electronics and other items that are generally too large to fit elsewhere.

If you want to convert your loft into a practical storage solution and make full use of your eave, read on. We’ll go over everything you need to know about eaves storage.

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Why Use The Eaves For Storage Space: 4 Benefits

Hurting for additional space in your home? Here are four reasons why you should consider the eave as a potential solution.

  • Practical: the eave is an extremely practical place to store your belongings. It is large enough to accommodate various types of items and furniture, it is spacious enough to meet your need for additional space, and best of all, it is out of sight yet easily accessible. This makes eaves storage space extremely practical.
  • Inexpensive: eaves storage is very inexpensive. If your house already has an eave, you’re just letting it collect dust, and it can be extremely affordable and easy to turn an eave into a very attractive space for storage. The sloping ceilings are less of an inconvenience than you might think.
  • Versatile: the eave is extremely versatile. You can turn it into a living space, an attic bedroom, or loft storage. This versatility also shines when you do decide to turn it into storage space. You can have hanging space, you can have loft wardrobes, and you can have places to store furniture, electronics, and more.
  • Convenient: storing your items in the eave after a loft conversion is very convenient. You can store pretty much everything in there, and whenever you need it, you can just as easily take it out. By designing the eave the right way and organizing your items, you can make it your go-to long-term storage solution.

Loft Conversions: How to Turn the Eave Into A Storage Solution

Have all the benefits of eave storage appealed to you? Are you considering a loft conversion? In this section, we’ll go over what you need to successfully convert your eave.

  • Take a step-by-step approach to the loft conversion: converting your loft is a long and important process, and if you want to turn it fully or in part into a good storage space, you need to take a step-by-step approach. Do you want to turn the entire loft into storage? Do you want to just use the eave for storage? How will you use the rest of the loft as a bedroom, dressing room or something else? These are important questions that will impact how you should approach the problem. If you want to convert the loft into a small bedroom and use the eave for storage, then you need to take a fundamentally different approach than if you were to convert the entire loft into storage.
  • Pick the right storage solutions: when you’re picking storage options for the space, it is very important to take into account the sloping, ceiling space, layout of the loft, and more. Picking the right loft storage ideas will be key to making sure the loft space can be successfully used as storage. You can use many solutions: sliding loft doors, under-eaves wardrobe, low shelving, and more. You should take a look at all your options and only choose the best ones to add storage.
  • Do the conversion right: Do the conversion right: Doing the loft conversion right is very important, but what this precisely entails will be different from one loft conversion to another. The basics include a few things: Making sure you learn whether you need planning permissions or not for the conversion, budgeting the conversion correctly and making sure you have adequate funds to see it through, contacting an architect to design the loft room if you feel you need one, and asking whether a loft conversion is right for your needs or not.

Under Eaves Storage Solutions: 5 Practical Loft Storage Ideas

After the loft conversion is successful, you need practical eaves storage ideas that can truly help you utilize your eave to its utmost. In this section, we all go over how you can organize eaves storage by giving you a few practical ideas you can apply right away in your loft:

  • Use low shelving: to deal with the sloped ceilings in your eave and loft room, you need to use low shelving. This won’t only fit perfectly in eaves storage, but it will also be an excellent and versatile solution you can use to store various items in your house. If you’re thinking of storage in your loft bedroom, low shelves are usually a must item to have.
  • Line up your storage: making effective use of your eaves storage will go a long way to ensuring you have adequate space for everything. You can make use of loft wardrobes, angled cabinetry, flat surfaces, and more to make sure every inch of eaves storage is utilized to its utmost.
  • Consider a false wall: If you’re planning loft conversions where you turn the loft into a bedroom, living room, dressing room, or something else, you might want to section off the eave separately for storage. In these cases, adding a false wall will not only make the loft look better, but it will also help you organize the eaves storage as well. It is an affordable and practical solution.
  • Eaves door: installing a loft door is an excellent way to organize your loft and separate the storage area from the rest of the space. It’ll make designing your loft bedroom or other room easier and organising your items simpler. They’re a flexible, affordable, and easy-to-install solution that can a long way in creating excellent loft storage.

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Eaves Storage Solutions FAQ

What Is Eave Storage?

The areas on the bottom of your roof where the roof is attached to and protrudes from the structure are known as the eaves. In a way, it is simply another name for the area under sloping ceilings. Sadly, however, these spaces are often unused and empty – places to collect dust with no utility for the homeowner. Through loft conversion, eaves storage can provide an excellent solution for homeowners who lack space.

Can You Use Eaves as Storage Space?

Yes, the eaves are an excellent place to store items in your home: They are spacious, they are often unused, they’re accessible, and they’re an excellent place for loft wardrobes and other solutions. If you’re hurting for space in your home, you can get excellent eaves storage through loft conversions and have a home for all your unused items.

What Can You Do with Eaves Space?

The eave refers to the space under a sloping ceiling, and it can be used for a variety of things. It can be used as part of a bedroom during a loft conversion, you can use it for storage with excellent loft storage ideas that will allow you to maximize the space, you can install eaves wardrobes, and much more.

How Do I Create Storage Space in Eaves?

If you’re thinking of adding more space to your home, the eaves are an excellent start. You can add loft storage furniture, low shelves, sliding doors and much more to make the eaves an excellent place to store your items.