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Loft Ladders

Ladders have been part of our daily lives since the Mesolithic era - it was a useful tool repeatedly invented by various cultures at different points of history and used regularly because of how useful it is. Loft ladders aren’t any different, most houses now contain some sort of ladder leading to the attic. 

Ladders have been part of our daily lives since the Mesolithic era - it was a useful tool repeatedly invented by various cultures at different points of history and used regularly because of how useful it is. Loft ladders aren’t any different, most houses now contain some sort of ladder leading to the attic. 

  • Wooden Loft Ladders with Hatch: excellent ladders made out of high-quality wood. They are an excellent choice for people who like products made out of wood. 

  • Metal Loft Ladders with Hatch: made out of sturdy metal, these ladders offer both quality and safety. A great choice of people who want a longlasting loft ladder. 

  • Loft Ladder Accessories: people have differing needs, and it is important to offer homeowners customizable options. Our accessories will let you transform our ladders to the precise thing you want.

  • Wooden Ladders: simple wooden ladders have been a staple of homes for a century now. A relatively inexpensive and practical option.

  • Other Ladders: Sunlux offers a wide range of other ladders from aluminum to rope - we aim to offer excellent ladders for even niche uses.

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  • Wooden loft ladders with hatch

    Installing a wooden loft ladder with a hatch in your house takes more time than just placing a traditional loft ladder next to your attic but it also offers unique advantages. Those advantages make it a popular choice, especially with people who have Victorian-style homes or are in love with things that look natural. At Sunlux, it is one of our prized products, and we ensure each ladder is thoroughly tested, manufactured with high-quality wood, and is safe for long periods of use. You can be sure that the wooden ladder you buy from us comes in perfect shape and last for a long time, so don’t hesitate and click on one of our products to see it up close and see if it fits your home.

  • Metal loft ladders with hatch

    Metal loft ladders with a hatch are known for their stylish look and their longevity - if you aren’t particularly fond of the wood ladder look and you want something imposing and modern, you can’t go wrong with the metal look. The dark colors accentuate the ladder’s features and make it the centerpiece in the area you set it up. If the looks-and-feels of the metal loft ladder is right for you, then you’ll love the fact that it usually lasts longer than wooden loft ladders. However, whether you decide to choose our metal loft ladders or the wooden ones, you can be sure that we strive to give you the best product for an excellent price - if you have any question regarding the quality or features of any of our products, contact us immediately and we’ll be more than happy to clear things up for you.

  • Loft Ladders Accessories

    While the ladder itself is extremely important, and it is our job at Sunlux to ensure you get the highest quality one, but accessories and customizations are also important. Nowadays, our houses’ designs are getting more and more eccentric, and every homeowner has something different in mind, and that’s why we’ve decided to provide a range of high-quality accessories to our clients that will help them customize the ladder however they want.

  • Other ladders

    You might be surprised to learn that’s not all we offer - aside from metal and wood loft ladders with hatches and an excellent collection of accessories, we also offer a few other types of ladders for niche cases and specific tastes. Although these aren’t as popular as our main products, we still invest a lot of time and money into researching, designing, and manufacturing them with the best technology on the market, so if they fulfill your needs, you’ll surely love them.

    • Aluminum Ladders: known for being light yet sturdy, our ladders with aluminum frames are a great middle-of-the-road option for people who want a well-rounded ladder.
    • Wooden Ladders: if you've been thinking about getting a ladder, but you want something simple and affordable for light use, our wooden ladders are just the right thing for you.
    • Rope Ladders: do you want ladders that you can keep in your backpack? something equally useful indoors and outdoors? rope ladders are for you.
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Loft ladders are especially popular because they offer a few advantages over stairs:

  • You don’t need access to your attic 24/7 unless you go through a loft conversion turning the loft into a normal room. That’s why you don’t need to access your loft all the time, and having fixed stairs there is just a waste of space. Some loft ladders are very flexible and easily tucked away, which makes it a great choice for people who put a premium on choice.
  • Another thing that can make loft ladders save you a lot of space is how they are designed. Most of them are robust and well-made, but at the same time, it takes a small amount of space, and most of them are designed with the latest industry-standards to save extra space. This is why small houses prefer loft ladders much more than stairs.
  • Due to how flexible they are, loft ladders are made in many shapes and forms, which is excellent news for people who are into eccentric designs. With stairs, you don’t get to make a lot of customization and it might not jive well with the rest of your house. This is, however, is not true for loft ladders, Big, wide, aluminum or wood frames, more than a dozen colors, the options are limitless - you can find a loft ladder that will be functional and look excellent in your home.
  • Loft ladders are quite inexpensive - due to how they are designed and the economies of scale kicking in because of their popularity, you can get your hands on a high-quality loft ladder for a very modest price. If you have a constrained budget and don’t want to spend too much to access your attic, you can pay less than one hundred dollars to install a flexible loft ladder in your house.
  • Flexibility and possibility of changing the design: loft ladders don’t need a specialist that spends two days working on your home to properly install the ladder, but rather, you can just buy it and ship it to your home and immediately use it. This is a very big advantage if you consider how much customizing the walls and the structure of your house would cost when installing stairs. Furthermore, you won’t be limited to one type of ladder, if something happens to it or your taste changes, you can simply order a new ladder and replace the older ladder in ten minutes without doing any lasting damage to your house.
  • If you want a ladder that's as light as it is solid and reliable, Optistep is a fantastic choice. Made from the highest quality materials available on the market, it's a choice that's as cost-effective as it is safe.

All these advantages make loft ladders a really popular solution for many houses of different styles and sizes. Sunlux is dedicated to bringing you the highest quality ladders - the company was created because we were frustrated with the amount unprofessional, unfinished, and cheap furniture out there, and we decided that we’ll dedicate our company to bringing affordable but high-quality furniture and providing enough of a variety to satisfies most homeowners’ needs. That’s why we provide relatively inexpensive wooden loft ladders to high-end metal ladders that will make your house look chic.

We provide you with tools to check, rotate, and compare various products on our website to ensure you’re satisfied with the product you choose - correctly picking a ladder for your home won’t be an easy task and can prove more difficult than you imagine. It depends on a host of things from the color palette used in your home to your personal taste. In any case, it is no small investment, and we understand it is an important decision for some of our customers, and the online tools we’ve provided you with should be enough to give you a pretty good idea about how the ladder will look in your home.

When you make your final decision, we want you to be sure that’s the ladder you want to see inside your home. If you feel unsure, you can contact us - we provide excellent customer support for potential buyers and help you in any way we can and clear any misconceptions up about the products.

Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items
Customer review: I placed order and received it the following day. I am delighted with the windows and the prompt service provided and would definately recommend to others.