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Sun Tunnels

In most cases, when a room is dark, a window or skylight can fix it. But there are instances where rooms do not have direct access to the roof or walls connected to the exterior, so neither of these solutions is possible. In such cases, a Velux sun tunnel is an excellent alternative. It allows direct sunlight to your room without costly renovations or structural work. It is affordable, it is easy to install, and it is environmentally friendly. An excellent way to have natural lighting in any room.

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Enjoy Top-Quality Sun Tunnels from Sunlux

As the name suggests, sun tunnels help bring daylight into every corner of your interior through a tunnel designed specifically with that purpose in mind. It passes from roof to ceiling and is made of a highly reflective material, making it ideal for moving light into the space below. They are also known as light tunnels, light tubes, sun pipes, sun tubes, sky tubes, and solar light tubes.

At Sunlux, we offer a fantastic selection of skylights provided by the well-known manufacturer Velux. Made using the highest-quality materials, these sun tunnels are guaranteed to help you illuminate your room in a practical, efficient manner.

Reasons Why You Should Consider Sun Tunnels

If you’re on the fence about sun tunnels, all your doubts will be cleared after reading this section. Sun tunnels offer many advantages that you simply can’t do without. If you’re converting your attic or trying to bring natural lighting to a room, these are the benefits you’re going to get with sun tunnels.

  • Flexibility: Solar tubes provide natural lighting without changing the roof or house's structural integrity because they are so much smaller and more flexible than skylights. Not only are solar tubes a wonderful choice that will also provide long-term energy and cost savings if you want to add light to smaller sections of your home like the kitchen, bathroom, closets, or corridors, but they can also be installed in many situations where installing skylights is simply impossible.
  • Practicality: Solar tubes, like skylights, let in natural light, which not only improves the aesthetics of the room but also improves your mood and health. Sunlight is also a natural source of vitamin D, which strengthens bones and helps regulate sleep. This is not to mention, you won’t need to turn on artificial lights during the day, which cuts down on energy costs. It is a truly practical solution.
  • Affordability: Solar tubes are extremely affordable due to the simplicity of their installation. Solar tubes may be installed for less than 400 pounds if you handle the installation task yourself. Solar tubes also have lower maintenance costs than skylights and conventional electric lighting. All in all, they have an excellent return on investment.

Velux Sun Tunnels FAQ

Can You Turn Off Sun Tunnels?

Although sun tunnels can’t be turned off like a lamp, there are absolutely ways you can dim the light that passes through them. Much like windows and skylights, it is possible to install specific dimming kits that work with sun tunnels. If you want the best sun tunnels and their accessories, then you definitely should check out our store.

What Are the Drawbacks of Sun Tunnels?

Sun tunnels are an amazing alternative to skylights, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have drawbacks:

  1. Lack of design variety: You don’t have a lot of design variety when it comes to sun tunnels, and due to this, they might feel out of place within the overall interior design.
  2. Incompatibility with some roofs: Although sun tunnels are much simpler and more affordable to install compared to skylights, there are still some roofs that are incompatible with it.

Despite these drawbacks, sun tunnels are well worth it, and you will almost certainly find one you love here at Sunlux.

Do Sun Tunnels Let In Heat?

In addition to natural lighting, sun tunnels also let heat in. This is an extra benefit that could help you cut down on energy costs, but remember, sun tunnels are usually small, and the amount of heat that gets in is minor, comparatively speaking.