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Wooden loft ladders with hatch

Installing a wooden loft ladder with a hatch in your house takes more time than just placing a traditional loft ladder next to your attic but it also offers unique advantages. Those advantages make it a popular choice, especially with people who have Victorian-style homes or are in love with things that look natural. At Sunlux, it is one of our prized products, and we ensure each ladder is thoroughly tested, manufactured with high-quality wood, and is safe for long periods of use. You can be sure that the wooden ladder you buy from us comes in perfect shape and last for a long time, so don’t hesitate and click on one of our products to see it up close and see if it fits your home.

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Advantages of Wooden Loft Ladders with a Hatch

  • The ladder is created with high-quality wood that looks excellent and gives an air of quality and authenticity. You can’t easily replicate the aesthetic of authentic wood in your house, and if you’re a fan of it, you’ll surely love this type of ladder.
  • Wood has another advantage of being extremely light and easy to operate. Especially with a hatch loft ladder, it is important you have a good handle on how it operates and it isn’t too heavy to be dangerous or annoying - that’s what makes wood an excellent material to make hatch loft ladders out of. The ladder is lightweight and can be easily folded, and in the worst-case scenario, if an accident occurs, wood doesn’t cause serious damage.
  • Loft ladders with a hatch have the advantage of being completely invisible when not in use. While here at Sunlux, we do our best to make sure every ladder looks good and stylish, we understand that some people are just not into how ladders look, and they want an option where ladders stay on display for the minimum amount of time. This is what a wooden loft ladder with a hatch can do for you. You can just fold it back upstairs and close the hatch when you’re doing using it - this saves you a lot of space and sometimes prevents the ladder from destroying the design of an otherwise completely presentable room.
Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items
Customer review: I placed order and received it the following day. I am delighted with the windows and the prompt service provided and would definately recommend to others.