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Electric Centre pivot Roof Windows

Looking for PVC centre-pivot windows? Love windows made from natural pine? Looking for electric roof windows with all the latest features? Then you'll love our products at Sunlux. Made from the highest-quality materials, our electric roof windows are fully remotely controllable, include a rain sensor, close automatically, and provide several other cutting-edge features. If you want the best of the best without compromising on aesthetics and design, you've come to the right place. Check out our windows below! 

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Electric Roof Windows

If you are looking to buy electric roof windows for your house, you only need the best of the best, and Sunlux is here to deliver. Our Fakro electric roof windows offer an excellent range of benefits that homeowners simply can't do without:

  • While most of our roof windows electric come with excellent anti-burglary, vacuum-sealed double glazing, we also offer a range of other options on demand. We aim to satisfy every customer.
  • Not only do our electric centre pivot roof windows come with the latest factory-fitted equipment, but a remote control comes pre-packaged with each window. Great for both accessibility and practicality. Don't go back to operating windows normally.
  • Our stylish windows are made from the highest quality materials, whether it is reusable, environmentally-friendly PVC or all-natural pine wood. This gives a unique flair to our Fakro windows, making them go well with all kinds of interior designs, blinds, and furniture.
  • topSafe anti-burglary, rain sensors: these are just some of the cutting-edge features our roof windows offer. If you want a top-end electric window that gives you all the practicalities of new technologies without breaking the bank, you won't find any better option than our line of Fakro windows.
Showing 1 - 24 of 59 items