Pergola with Roof

Need an outdoor space for your soirees? A place you can use year-round? One that's sheltered from British weather? A covered area where you can place garden furniture? You'll love our aluminium garden pergolas!

Sleek and stylish designs, rain and UV-proof, and available in multiple sizes: they are an excellent option for homeowners who want to create a sheltered outdoor space where they can relax, organise events, and enjoy their garden!

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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items

Aluminium Pergolas by Sunlux

Sunlux offers stylish, affordable, and practical pergolas that are very popular with British homeowners. Get in touch now and learn the Sunlux difference:

  • Multiple sizes: We offer pergolas in multiple sizes (3 by 3, 3 by 4, and 4 by 4 metres). You can choose the size that best matches your needs!
  • mounting in London: If you are within M25 and Kent, we can help you with the installation of the pergola as well!
  • Accessories: We offer a range of accessories that enable you to customise the style, design, and features of the pergolas to truly match your tastes!
  • Operable louvre system: Fitted with an aluminium openable louvre system, you'll not only be safe from both the sun and the rain, but you'll also have complete control over the amount of shading with our garden pergola!
  • LED lighting: our pergolas come with in-built LED lighting, which is a stylish addition to your sheltered patio area!

Aluminium Pergolas with Roofs FAQ

Are Aluminium Garden Pergolas Good?

Aluminium pergolas are a great addition to most homes that can spare space. They are sturdy, they create shade, and they don't let in rain: In short, they create the perfect place to relax outdoors!

Are Aluminium Pergolas Fully Weatherproof?

As long as the sides are covered with the proper blinds, aluminium pergolas are sturdy and fully weatherproof. They are an excellent choice if you want to enjoy your garden or patio regardless of weather.

Can Pergolas Be Fully Freestanding Or Do They Need to Be Installed Against Walls?

The key difference between awnings and pergolas is that the latter is often, though not necessarily, freestanding. This gives you freedom in how you create your outdoor shelter! In simple terms, you can install pergolas wherever and however you want.