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Are you looking for blinds for Velux wooden windows? Do you want to fine-tune natural lighting in your room during the day? Want something stylish and affordable? You need to check out the selection of roller blinds for wooden Velux windows at Sunlux!

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Roller blinds for Velux windows FAQ

Can You Add Blinds to VELUX Windows?

Yes, you can absolutely add blinds to a Velux window. Roller blinds are available in a broad range of exquisite designs and are built specifically for your VELUX roof windows, making installation quick and simple. Your old blind may be completely replaced with a new one in less than 30 minutes.

Can You Put Roller Blinds on a VELUX?

Yes, you absolutely can. A roller blind is the best option for you if you're searching for an affordable approach to attain privacy while still allowing natural light in. Roller blinds are constructed of a transparent polyester fabric that diffuses incoming light.

Is It Hard to Install a roller blind on Velux wooden window?

Blinds from VELUX windows are both easy to use and fashionable. Roller blinds would have to be in the same size as the overall size of your Velux window. They are constructed to fit perfectly, and the box contains all fixings. There are no special tools required for installation. All you would need is a screwdriver.

Simply attached the mounting clips on inner part of the sash frame, click on the blind cassette into the mounting brackets. Install the side hooks down on the left and right hand side the inner sash frame. Your replacement blind will be prepared in no time.

Showing 1 - 21 of 21 items