Installing a Pergola on Decking: Complete Guide

What do you imagine when describing your perfect outdoor space? A spacious location with a great overview of the garden? A gentle breeze? Shading from sunlight? Protection from the rain? These are the qualities that describe the environment that a pergola on a deck creates!

But what is a pergola on decking? What are its benefits, precisely? What type of pergolas should I use? Homeowners are often confused about pergolas! This article will answer all your questions!

Why Install a Pergola on a Deck?

A pergola is a fantastic addition to your property, but its advantages are lost on many homeowners. It is a great solution that both improves the aesthetics of your home and provides many functional benefits and here, we’ll go over just some of the reasons why you should consider installing a pergola.

Helps You Create Your Ideal Outdoor Space 

Pergolas provide shading from rain and direct sunlight allowing you to create an outdoor area that’s comfortable and usable year-round. Whether you want to spend afternoons on the patio or you like to plan evening gatherings for your family, installing a pergola will make your time more pleasant. 

Improves Exterior Design and Curb Appeal 

Pergolas are stylish and prominent structures that can help transform the aesthetics of the exterior of your property. With the choice of multiple designs, layouts, and colours, you can install the pergola that best complements the aesthetics of the home and suits the sensibilities of the homeowner.

Protects Your Outdoor Furniture and Infrastructure 

Pergolas don’t only act as a shield for you and your visitors, but they also protect your outdoor furniture, decking, and other structures from getting damaged by rain, UV rays, etc. Discolouring and deterioration are common when a furniture piece is exposed to the sun, for example, but a pergola will prevent that and keep it looking new for much longer!

Provides Excellent Privacy

Thanks to their stylish open-lattice, louvre, or tensile roofs, pergolas give you the privacy you need to fully enjoy yourself when using your outdoor space. Don’t worry about prying eyes, relax, and organise events however you wish in your garden – all possible thanks to your very own pergola!

Is My Decking Capable of Supporting a Pergola?

Pergolas can be heavy, putting a substantial load on the decking. To ensure the structural integrity of the installation, you need to consider the properties of both the decking and the pergola:

The Height and Strength of the Raised Decking 

What’s the height of the existing deck? What type of wood is it made out of? How much weight can it withstand? If the deck is high off the ground and made of low-quality timber, it likely won’t support a stationary pergola. It also might require planning permission if it is above a certain height.

Don’t worry, however, there are support pergola posts that provide additional support and ensure the pergola is securely attached to the structure.

The Type and Weight of the Pergola

Pergolas come in many shapes and sizes, and this will influence their compatibility with your decking. A pergolas made from pressure-treated wood will be heavier and require more structural support than aluminium pergolas, for example. Freestanding pergolas have little to no requirements and can be installed anywhere. When planning construction, consider the pergola size and type and whether you need support posts, secure bolts, concrete or any other tool/material.

What Type of Pergola Should You Install in Your Garden?

Do you want adequate shade? A stylish and welcoming structure that complements your home’s design? A pergola built for decks? All of this depends on what type of pergola you choose!

Louvred Pergola 

Louvered pergolas are minimalistic, modern, and stylish pergolas that have become popular with homeowners in the UK in recent years. Thanks to its light aluminium body, you can easily install it on your existing deck, and thanks to its adjustable roof, you are in complete control over the level of shading over your entire deck. This makes louvred pergolas a perfect mix of practicality and style.  

Traditional Pergola

Traditional roofed pergolas are tried and tested outdoor structures that have been a common fixture used to create shading in gardens and patios for more than a century. Its simple design, its practical charm, and its affordability all make it an excellent choice if you want to install a pergola on a deck!

Freestanding Pergola 

A freestanding pergola is not directly connected to the joist structure of the wooden decking, instead, it is supported by four posts that firmly connect to the ground. If the deck boards are fragile, if the deck is too high, or if the pergola is too heavy, choosing the freestanding pergola ensures you have a structurally sound, robust, and weatherproof decking in your garden without costly renovation or reconstruction!

Installing a Pergola on a Raised Deck FAQ

Can You Put a Pergola on a Garden Decking?

Yes, a pergola is an excellent addition to your garden decking! It creates shade, it protects the seating and furniture from UV rays, and it prevents rain from ruining your evening gatherings: In summary, it helps you create an idyllic and welcoming outdoor space that’s welcoming regardless of season, temperatures, or weather conditions!

How Much Does a Pergola on Decking Cost?

Pergola costs are variable and largely depend on the supplier, the size of the pergola, the complexity of the installation, and the labour costs. It can range from as little as £2,000 to more than £10,000.

At Sunlux, we offer highly affordable pergolas that come with a decking kit all under £2,000. If cost is your primary concern, you’ll love our offers!