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Flat Roof Windows

There are multiple ways homeowners can incorporate flat roof windows into both the exterior and interior design of their homes - and that's precisely why they're becoming so trendy.

Flat roof skylights are suited for flat roofs (hence the name), which range in pitch from 0 to 15 degrees, to let more natural sunlight flood inside. This makes it an excellent addition to any home extension project, no matter whether it's a dining room, an orangery, or a bungalow.

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  • Fixed Flat Glass Rooflights

    Fixed flat roof lights are non-opening windows that do not require much maintenance, are highly energy-efficient, and can withstand various weather conditions all year round. They provide excellent thermal insulation and allow you to reduce your overall energy consumption, leading to lower heating bills.

    Sunlux's selection of flat roof windows offers non-opening double-glazed options which are manufactured using high-quality materials to construct the frame and implementing new technologies for better thermal insulation. All fixed flat glass rooflights we offer are sourced from reputable brands and have undergone extensive testing. 

  • Electric Hinged Flat Glass Rooflights

    While both fixed and openable flat roof windows, also commonly referred to as rooflights, are designed specifically for flat roofs that range in pitch from 0 to 15 degrees to provide as much natural daylight into your house as possible, openable roof windows have one significant advantage - they can be opened for venting. As a homeowner, you can choose from electric to manually operated flat roof windows.

  • Access Flat Glass Rooflights Manual & Electric

    Roof access rooflights provide an accessible, straightforward way for homeowners to access their roofs from the comfort of their home. Whether you want to install it for technical reasons, aesthetics reasons, or maintenance reasons, you’ll definitely love the accessibility and convenience of the electric access rooflights. 

    The windows aren’t just an excellent way to provide access to the roof, however. Electric access flat glass rooflights have many excellent features that homeowners would love in any roof window: they can open up to 90 degrees, which means they provide excellent ventilation, they provide excellent insulation, which means lower electricity bills, and lastly, the customization options means you can get a window exactly suitable for your needs. 

  • Fixed Rooflights for Roof Pitch 5°-90° with...

    If you are looking to bring modern look to your recent loft conversion or house extension project, this flat glass eco Rooflight will be perfect choice.

    This is great insulated energy saving triple glazed roof window with mega safe construction and universal EPDM flashing that can be installed on most roofing coverings.

    Learn more about this product in our blog article: READ MORE

  • Walk-on Flat glass Rooflights

    While the regular rooflights we offer are perfect for normal, sloped roofs and provide most homeowners with everything they need. There are special instances when you need robust, high-quality flatglass rooflights that can withstand being walked on, and these are called walk-on flatglass rooflights. If you want to improve the natural lighting inside your home and improve how your terrace looks, then you definitely need walk on rooflights. This is one of the primary uses of these windows, and most homeowners that use them absolutely fall in love with them. 

    This isn’t the only use for the windows, however. We also provide excellent walk on rooflights for flat roofs that provide excellent ambience and lighting. Flat roofs are rare and they definitely deserve a special, high-quality window, and you’ll be making the right choice with our walk on glass rooflights. Our flatglass windows offer everything you are looking for in such a product: 

    • Durability: you never need to worry about them breaking. They’re manufactured and tested to withstand very heavy weights. 
    • Quality craftsmanship: the window panes, frames, and everything else are made of high-quality materials. You can be sure they’ll last for years to come without discolouration and deterioration. 
  • Flat Glass Rooflights

    Looking for skylights for your flat roof? None of the rooflights on the market satisfies your requirements? Can't find an affordable roof light that offers excellent ventilation and thermal performance?

    Your search is over. At Sunlux, we offer excellent windows that are perfectly compatible with flat and low-pitch roofs. Check out our range of excellent products below.

Showing 1 - 23 of 23 items
Showing 1 - 23 of 23 items

Depending on your ventilation needs, you can choose from two types of flat roof windows - fixed or openable.

Fixed flat roof lights cannot be opened hence are best used in areas that don't need improved ventilation. They are mainly used to enable natural light into the space but also provide excellent thermal insulation, making them a great, cost-effective solution for both contemporary homes and commercial buildings.

Openable, manual, or electric flat roof windows, on the other hand, provide added ventilation and are especially useful for high-humidity rooms like bathrooms and kitchens.

Flat roof windows will make any room come to life, both in terms of appearance and functionality, and there is definitely a suitable solution for your needs in our offer. Let's explore!

Benefits of Flat Roof Windows

Flat rooflights come with multiple advantages, making them a preferable option for many homeowners.

First and foremost, a flat roof window is often used as an additional source of daylight in areas where there is not enough space on walls to install a traditional window.

However, apart from allowing more light in, there are some other benefits, including:


Flat roof skylights and other types of roof windows are not particularly expensive. While installation brings additional cost, DIY enthusiasts confident with their skills and experience in home renovation projects can approach this process independently.

Smooth, seamless design

Flat roof windows bring in aesthetic appeal and elegance, transforming your place with daylight and sky views and making it look both stylish and space-saving. They can be incorporated into virtually any design without any major adjustments or modifications.

High-quality insulation

Flat roof lights are highly insulating and offer better thermal control of a house, which makes them an excellent choice for those living in colder climates.

Low maintenance

When it comes to cleaning, flat skylights do not require any major maintenance - you can just use a wet cloth to wipe them down to get rid of dirt and dust.

They are also resistant to UV rays and don't need a lot of ongoing care.

Our Range of Flat Roof Windows

At Sunlux, we offer a full range of flat roof windows to suit the needs of your home project. You can choose from:

➡️ Fixed Flat Glass Rooflights

These flat roof windows can be used in any part of your home - in kitchens, bathrooms, halls, and utility rooms. They are capable of handling the most extreme weather conditions, don't require much maintenance, and have a smooth, seamless design that adds a touch of elegance to any space.

Fixed flat glass rooflights are extremely energy efficient - they are made from double-glazed glass, providing better thermal insulation that helps reduce energy consumption and save you money on your heating bills.

They are available in a wide range of standard sizes to suit every taste and budget, so you'll definitely find the right flat glass rooflight for your needs.

➡️ Access Flat Glass Rooflights: Manual & Electric

Access flat roof windows are designed to enable access to your roof so that you can easily clean the window from outside or maintain and repair your roof when needed.

They can open up to 90 degrees, meaning they provide excellent ventilation and get you more control over the temperature inside. These are also highly customisable, allowing you to get a flat roof window best suitable for your needs.

Access skylights are available in manual and electric versions. Manual opening rooflights are easy to operate and can be opened and closed by hand - they are ideal if you don't need frequent access to the roof.

On the other hand, electric access skylights are remotely controlled and can be opened and closed with a push of a button. They are more expensive but offer better convenience and can be used in hard-to-reach places, such as over staircases.

➡️ Walk-On Flat Glass Rooflights

Walk-on flat glass rooflights are made from high-quality materials that make them extremely durable. They are made from clear, toughened glass that is also heat resistant and add to visual appeal both indoors and outdoors. Walk-on roof lights are specifically built to withstand heavy foot traffic and are designed to last for years to come.

In addition to durability, walk-on flat glass rooflights are soundproof and have a sleek, modern design that will suit any space, whether it's an office or a dining room extension.

➡️ Electric Hinged Flat Glass Rooflights

This type of flat roof window is especially helpful in areas where ventilation is a priority. They have a soft-closing mechanism that keeps the window shut but allows you to open it with a push of a button to maximise the airflow in your house.

Electric hinged flat glass rooflights are capable of providing extra ventilation and natural daylight in highly humid rooms like bathrooms, kitchens, storage spaces, and laundry rooms.

A remotely controlled roof light is fitted with an electric opener for opening and closing the window automatically - a useful option for roof windows installed in hard-to-reach places.

These are also equipped with rain sensors, ensuring that the window will close automatically if the weather changes when you're not around.

👉 Why Choose Flat Roof Windows?

Flat roof windows are an excellent way of adding value to the property in a relatively minimal amount of time. They can also significantly improve illumination, ventilation, and your home's overall style, giving it a more modern look.

If you're looking for a low-maintenance solution that doesn't cost a fortune to install, flat roof windows are your best choice. They are highly effective when it comes to thermal insulation and have a sleek appearance that will suit a variety of interior designs.


ℹ️ Can you have a window on a flat roof?

Yes, you can have a roof window on a flat roof.

There are many different types of windows suitable for flat roofs, ranging from roof lanterns, flat glass rooflights, and traditional domes, as well as roof windows to walk-on and polycarbonate options.

ℹ️ What's the difference between a skylight and a flat roof window?

A skylight is a fixed window that doesn't open and is set into the roofline. A flat roof window (or roof light), on the other hand, opens for venting and is capable of providing fresh air into the room.

Note that roof windows need to comply with British Standards, specifically BS EN 14351-1:2010. It states that roof windows must be fitted in the same orientation and in the plane with the surrounding roof, typically at a minimum pitch of 15 degrees, and weathered into the roof using a skirt or flashing.

Remember that these are only general differences that may vary from one manufacturer to another, so if you want to get into nuances, you should check in with a particular brand.

ℹ️ Do you need planning permission to install a flat roof window?

Planning permission is not usually required for installing a flat roof window, as under Permitted Development (PD) rights, you can install roof windows as long as they do not project more than 15cm from the roof plane.

However, there are some exceptions. If your property is listed or located in a conservation area, you will need to get planning permission before you can install a roof window.

It's always best to check with your local planning authority before installation, just to be sure. They will be able to tell you whether or not you need planning permission for your particular project.

ℹ️ How to prepare the roof for installation?

Before you install flat roof windows, you need to make sure that your roof is ready for it. This involves inspecting the roof and ensuring that it is strong enough to support the weight of the window and that its surface is level.

You also need to clean the area and make sure that there are no obstacles in the way of the window, such as pipes or wires.

If you don't know how to prepare your roof for a window, it's best to hire a professional service to do it for you. They will be able to undertake a risk assessment to evaluate the condition of your roof and make sure that everything is ready for the installation process.

They will also be able to install the window properly, so you don't have to worry about it leaking or falling out.

ℹ️ Do flat roof windows leak?

If installed correctly, flat roof windows should not leak.

However, if a flat rooflight is damaged, not made from high-quality materials, or installed improperly, it may leak. That's why it's important to ensure that you buy your roof window from a reputable manufacturer and that it is installed by a professional.

To prevent leaking in the first place, you can waterproof your flat roof windows using our brief tutorial or contact a professional who will take care of this job for you.