Metal loft ladders with hatch

Metal loft ladders with a hatch are known for their stylish look and their longevity - if you aren’t particularly fond of the wood ladder look and you want something imposing and modern, you can’t go wrong with the metal look. The dark colors accentuate the ladder’s features and make it the centerpiece in the area you set it up. If the looks-and-feels of the metal loft ladder is right for you, then you’ll love the fact that it usually lasts longer than wooden loft ladders. However, whether you decide to choose our metal loft ladders or the wooden ones, you can be sure that we strive to give you the best product for an excellent price - if you have any question regarding the quality or features of any of our products, contact us immediately and we’ll be more than happy to clear things up for you.

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Advantages of Metal Loft Ladders with a Hatch

  • Our metal loft ladders with special color coatings are extremely durable against wetness and humidity - while wood is naturally more susceptible to wood. If you live in a humid area and you want to have a ladder that’ll last you for a very long time, then a metal ladder is the way to go.
  • Metal can withstand more pressure just by its very nature. And a lot of people use their attics primarily as a storage unit, so they often use the ladder to move a lot of heavy stuff between the attic and the other rooms. While we make sure that we make our wooden ladders out of the most durable material, basic physics, however, dictates that they’ll never withstand a lot of weight like metal can. That’s why if you are using your attic as a large storage unit that you often access, a metal loft ladder with a hatch might be more suitable to your needs.
  • Metal color coatings last longer and are shinier - while this doesn’t matter for the people who want that authentic wooden look, but some people want a ladder with a uniform shiny color, and metal ladders are excellent for that. If you are peculiar about the color of the ladder and you really want your house’s design to conform to your expectations 100%, then Sunlux metal ladders are for you.
Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items