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Fixed Flat Glass Rooflights

Fixed flat roof lights are non-opening windows that do not require much maintenance, are highly energy-efficient, and can withstand various weather conditions all year round. They provide excellent thermal insulation and allow you to reduce your overall energy consumption, leading to lower heating bills.

Sunlux's selection of flat roof windows offers non-opening double-glazed options which are manufactured using high-quality materials to construct the frame and implementing new technologies for better thermal insulation. All fixed flat glass rooflights we offer are sourced from reputable brands and have undergone extensive testing. 

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Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items

Highest Quality Fixed Rooflights at Sunlux

  • Our fixed flat glass rooflights are tailored explicitly for flat roofs that range in pitch from 0 to 15 degrees. Their seamless design makes them an elegant choice that will match the exterior and interior of both residential and commercial buildings, whether they have a contemporary design or are period buildings.

  • In poorly illuminated spaces like laundry rooms or corridors, fixed flat rooflights can be used as the only source of natural daylight and ventilation. Our windows are excellent in providing both and making your house feel fresh and healthy.

  • When we deliver a flat roof window to your home, you'll be glad to learn the installation process is very simple. You can perform a perfect installation all on your own. This makes our windows the most affordable option for any flat roof extension project.

  • Our windows offer excellent thermal efficiency. Thanks to the quality glazing, the thermal break, and the design of our windows, they neither let heat in nor out, making the room perfectly comfortable in both summer and winter.

If ample natural daylight, excellent ventilation, and thermal efficiency sound appealing to you, then you definitely need our flat roof window. Check out our collection above. You'll find a fixed flat rooflight that will meet your needs!

Fixed Flat Glass Rooflights FAQ

ℹ️ Can You Have a Roof Window on a Flat Window?

Yes, you can install a roof window on a flat roof, with a roof pitch no bigger than 15 degrees.

ℹ️ What Are the Different Types of Roof Windows?

Depending on your needs and a room's purpose, you can choose from various types of windows suitable for flat roofs - they range from fixed flat glass rooflights, roof domes, and roof lanterns to electric or manual-opening rooflights, as well as walk-on and polycarbonate options.

ℹ️ What Is the Difference Between Skylights and Fixed Flat Glass Rooflights?

A skylight is a fixed window that doesn't open and is set into the roofline. In contrast, a flat roof window opens for venting and can provide the flow of fresh air into the room.

It's important to mention that windows must meet British Standards, more specifically BS EN 14351-1:2010. This means that a fixed flat rooflight must be installed in the same orientation and plane as the surrounding roof, with a minimum pitch of 15 degrees, and weathered into the roof using a skirt or flashing.

Note that the differences between skylights and flat roof windows may vary from one manufacturer to another, so it would be best to check a particular brand's specifications to get more information on what features you can expect from a particular model.

ℹ️ Do You Need Planning Permissions for a Fixed Flat Rooflight in the UK?

Permitted Development (PD) rights allow you to install roof windows as long as they do not project more than 150mm from the roof plane.

However, you should be aware of several exceptions. If your property is located in a conservation area or is currently listed, you will need to obtain planning permission before installing a roof window.

Checking with your local planning authority before starting the installation process is a good starting point. It's the best way to figure out whether or not you need planning permission for your specific project.

ℹ️ Do Roof Windows Need to Open?

No, roof windows do not need to open. For instance, fixed flat glass rooflights are best suited for utility rooms and laundry rooms, kitchens, and dining areas.

However, it all depends on your needs, so consider the purpose of the room you're going to install your flat rooflights and how much ventilation you need in there.

You can choose from fixed, manual-opening, and electric-opening models, depending on your needs and preferences.

ℹ️ Are Fixed Flat Rooflights Expensive to Install?

It depends on the model you choose. Some models are designed for easy installation, while others might require more work. It's best to check the installation instructions that come with the window to get an idea of what's involved.

In general, installing a roof window is not a difficult task, but it's always best to have a professional or at least someone with experience to help you out if you want the perfect installation, especially if you're not confident in your abilities when it comes to DIY projects.

ℹ️ Does a Fixed Flat Rooflight Add Value?

An extra flat roof window will definitely add value to your property, regardless of its operation type.

First of all, installing skylights is the perfect way to add a wow factor, a distinctive feature to your house that has not only decorative but also functional purposes - it transforms the interior by providing more light and visually enlargening space.

In addition, it will also make the space feel more airy and bright, which is always a good selling point.

ℹ️ Do Fixed Flat Roof Windows Roofs Leak?

If they are installed properly and there is no visible damage to the window or frame itself, rooflights should not leak.

However, it's always best to buy only from reputable manufacturers and have someone with experience install the window to avoid any potential issues.

ℹ️ Why Choose a Fixed Flat Rooflight?

There are many reasons why homeowners prefer fixed skylights over other types of rooflights. First of all, they will significantly increase the amount of natural light entering the property and boost its overall appearance, making your home feel more open, airy and spacious.

Moreover, fixed flat glass rooflights are generally less expensive than openable roof windows, and they're also easier to install, which makes them an excellent option for DIY projects. Moreover, it's a great solution for illuminating hard-to-reach spaces, e.g., staircases or dark corners, that doesn't need much ventilation.

Other than that, fixed flat rooflights can be used in combination with openable windows if you need to brighten a larger flat roof extension - an orangery, for instance. This will allow you to decrease the total cost of such a project while still allowing you to let more light in.

Additionally, they don't require a lot of maintenance and are a great way to add value to your property.