Sunlux LTD Frequently asked questions page

On this page, you will find answers to most frequently asked questions. If you can not find the answer you are looking for please contact us and we will try to reply as fast as possible.

You can contact us following ways:


Where can I find fitting instructions?

Fitting instructions can be found on the product page under the "download" section. Some of the products have also video installation available.

Do you offer any installation service?

Unfortunately we don’t offer any installation service we only supply roof windows/loft ladders.

Delivery & Collection

Can I collect my order?

Yes you can. We are open from Monday to Friday 9am-5pm. We are based in Erith DA8 1QL Unit C9 Europa Trading Estate.

When will you dispatch my goods?

Orders are processed on working days. Cut-off time for the same working day dispatch is midday.

What is delivery time?

Goods are delivered by the courier companies. Delivery time slot is 8am – 6pm.

Why does my tracking number not work?

Please note that it can take up to 8 hours after collection before you can start tracking your shipment.If you experience difficulties with tracking your delivery please contact us and we will try to help.

I just placed an order can I arrange instalation?

We would strongly advise to not arrange installation until all goods are delivered and checked against damage. As much as we are trying to protect all the items during transit we can not take responsibility for the goods mishandled by the courier companies and delivered damaged.

If the damage is noted please do not install it and report this issue to us immediately


Can i purchase roller blinds for skylights

Unfortunately we don’t do blinds for skylights as they are made for uninhabited loft spaces.

Why are the called access roof windows?

Window opening is big enough to allow you for easy access to the roof for maintenance

Do they have ten years guarantee same as habitable roof windows?

Skylights come with two years manufacture guarantee.

Do they come with fitting instructions?

Yes, some brands have paper instructions inside the box, some have instructions printed at the back of the box.

Are these skylight suitable for storage lofts, garage or sheds?

Yes , this skylights will be perfect

Do I need any flashing kit for Velux Velta or Fenstro skylight windows?

Skylights for unheated and uninhabited spaces ( Velux VLT or GVK , Fenstro, Optilook, Fakro WGI ) come with an integrated flashing kit. All these types of skylights are equipped with a tile flashing kit as it's the most universal flashing kit and it will allow installation on various roofing materials.

Why Velux Velta and Fenstro windows are only for unheated and uninhabited loft spaces?

Due to the low thermal insulation these type of skylights are designed solely for uninhabited spaces with the interior temperature similar to the outdoor temperature.

Roof windows

Can you compare Sunlux windows to well known brands on the market (e.g Velux, FAKRO, RoofLITE+ )?

Sunlux windows are not as well known brands on the market as for example Velux brand, but their windows are also very good quality and do the same job. Windows are also covered by a 10 years warranty for the window and 5 years for the glazing unit.

Do I need to purchase flashing kit with every windows I'm buying?

Yes, Flashings are an essential part of fitting roof windows with different roofing materials. They are designed to make a secure connection between windows and the roof against any weather conditions (rain, wind or snow). Proper type of the flashing, adjusted to the roofing material, guarantees a tight fitting. PLEASE NOTE: Optilight brand flashing kit contains some external elements of the window which are must to fit the window.

Why PVC windows are more expensive than timber pine windows?

PVC windows do not require any maintenance in the future, modern white internal finish can easily match with any interior. PVC windows are especially recommended for bathrooms and other high humidity rooms.

Are Sunlux blinds compatible with any other windows ( i.e Velux,Fakro)?

No, they are not. Sunlux blinds are designed only for Sunlux PVC and pine frame windows.

Are Sunlux flashing kits (OKT,OKS,OKP) compatible with any other roof windows ( i.e Velux, Optilight)?

No, they are not compatible. There are only for Sunlux windows.

What do the dimensions on Sunlux windows mean?

Dimensions for all pitch roof windows given are the overall size of the window ( external frame size). These dimensions are not the glass size or opening size needed for installation.

What is the difference between Sunlux PVC centre pivot roof windows and Optilight PVC centre pivot roof windows?

Techncial specification is similar on both products. The main difference is that the Sunlux PVC come with a Neo-Vent ( trickle vent ) and the opening handle on Sunlux PVC windows is equipped with a lock and key.

Is the opening for installation the same as the overall size of the roof windows?

No, the opening for installation of the pitch roof windows have to be slightly bigger than the overall size of the window. It will vary depending on the window brand. All information in regards to opening needed for installation can be found in the fitting manual available on each window product page on our website in the Download section.

Wooden loft ladders

Are these ladders DIY or I need professional help to fit it?

It depends of your manual skills and tools available, however we always recommend two person to fit it. Fitting instruction can be downloaded from our website before purchase. Video installation also available. 

What opening is required for installation of the Optistep OLE or FAKRO LWK Plus loft ladder?

Opening size for installation depends on the size of the ladder. On each loft ladder product page on our website you can find information about the frame/ box size and recommended opening needed for installation. Please refer to the product description.

Is it hard to install a loft ladder?

Please refer to the fitting manual, it can be found on each product page in the Download section.

I received my loft ladder but I can't see the opening rod.

Opening rod for Optistep and Fakro loft ladders is inserted into one of the side springs and it would have to be removed before installation.

Flat roof windows

What is the roof pitch required for installation of OKPOL flat roof windows?

These Sunlux flat glass roof lights can be installed on roof pitch as low as 2 and up to 15 degrees.

Are all of the flat roof windows walk-on windows?

No, they are not. It depends on the type of the flat glass rooflights.

Walk on roof windows are specifically designed rooflights and they have the capacity to withstand a uniformly distributed load

Can the Okpol flat roof windows be taken apart so they can be carried onto the roof?

No. These windows come fully assembled, ready for installation. It will not be possible to separate the opening sash ( glass unit ) from the upstand. These windows would have to be carried as they are delivered.

The weight of each flat glass roof light can be found under product specification on the product page on our website.

Windows have been delivered on a pallet but installation is due in the next month or more? How to store it?

Windows would have to be taken from the pallet and stored in a flat position. There are stickers on the box showing way up position of the roof light. Windows would have to be stored inside, in a dry environment.

Our installer lost the bag with fitting screws? Can he use any other screws he can find in his toolbox?

He can use different screws as long as they are in the sizes recommended and specified by the manufacturer. Using longer, bigger screws can cause damage to the window upstand or glass unit.

Are the flat roof windows maintenance free?

The profiles of the windows (upstand) are made of PVC which not required special maintanence. To keep flat glass windows in good condition you will need to ensure they are checked on regularly and cleaned with care. Do not use any abrasive cleaning products. These types of windows can be cleaned with soapy water or glass cleaning products.