Flat Glass Rooflights

Looking for skylights for your flat roof? None of the rooflights on the market satisfies your requirements? Can't find an affordable roof light that offers excellent ventilation and thermal performance?

Your search is over. At Sunlux, we offer excellent windows that are perfectly compatible with flat and low-pitch roofs. Check out our range of excellent products below.

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Showing 1 - 23 of 23 items

The Benefits of Sunlux's Rooflights

  • Reputable brands: Sunlux's windows are sourced from some of the best brands in the European Union. Whether you're worried about thermal performance or durability, you'll find our windows more than exceed your expectations.

  • Excellent windows: The windows are made from excellent materials and manufactured using the latest techniques. A proper glazing unit, a performant thermal break, and an up-to-par bottom pane: these qualities all come together to make excellent rooflights for flat roofs.

  • Warranties: We're certain of the qualities of our windows, and we offer extensive warranties for our glass skylights for flat roofs. If you're looking for durable and practical solutions that require little maintenance and last for a long time, you'll love our products.

  • Shipping to all over the UK: delivering to all corners of the country and offering affordable shipping prices, you can get your hands on a Sunlux window in a matter of days to weeks regardless of where you are in the country.

Flat Glass Rooflights FAQ

ℹ️ Can You Have a Flat Glass Roof Window?

Yes, not only are flat glass roof windows available, but they also come in a variety of shapes and styles. These windows are commonly called "flat roof windows", "rooflights," or "skylights." Although they are usually designed to be installed horizontally on flat roofs or roofs with a very low pitch, some variants can be installed on slopped roofs as well.

Want to get flat glass rooflights for your home? Check out our offers here at Sunlux. We offer a variety of flat roof lights that are sure to meet your needs.

ℹ️ Can You Put Rooflights Into a Flat Roof?

Yes, there are rooflights specifically designed to fit into flat roofs. These rooflights usually have a flat glass pane and are excellent in allowing natural sunlight into the building. Whether it is a loft conversion or a commercial building, rooflights remain a popular choice. And here at Sunlux, we offer a wide array of rooflights of bespoke sizes and shapes to our customers. If you've been thinking about installing a flat glass rooflight, now is your choice with our high-quality, affordable windows. Check them out above!

ℹ️ What is a Flat Roof Window Called?

There are many names used for a flat roof window across the English-speaking world, and this causes some confusion among our buyers. In the United Kingdom, a flat roof window is commonly referred to as a "rooflight" or "skylight." Even though they are technically different, both terms are often used interchangeably to describe windows designed for installation on roofs with a very low pitch.

And if you've had trouble finding appropriate flat skylights for your property until now, your search is over. Here at Sunlux, we offer a range of excellent flat-glass rooflights specifically designed for roofs with a low pitch. Check out our catalogue!

ℹ️ What Type of Rooflights is Good for a Flat Roof?

Choosing the right flat rooflight can be a difficult choice. Should you prioritise more natural light or is the style and aesthetics of the centre pane more important? These questions can be hard to answer, and they'll depend entirely on your own goals, budget, and needs.

Regardless of your needs or requirements, however, it is always good to have windows that offer excellent energy efficiency, are equipped with clear toughened glass made from high-quality materials, and come with quality assurances by the manufacturer. This is exactly what we offer here at Sunlux. Check out our online store and decide for yourself. We ship all over the UK!

ℹ️ Why Install a Window in a Flat Roof?

Whether you need more light, better ventilation, or curb appeal, there are innumerable reasons why you should consider installing windows in a flat roof. Without windows, a loft conversion isn't complete, without windows, many commercial building designs fail, and without windows, the air inside won't feel fresh.

Thankfully, installing a flat roof skylight is easy, simple, and affordable, and in some instances, it won't even need planning permission. Check out Sunlux's collection of flat windows and say hello to more natural daylight, better ventilation, and a more attractive building.

ℹ️ How Long Do Rooflights Last?

Typically, rooflights last between 8 to 16 years depending on the quality of the window, the weather, and a variety of other factors. The visible glass might start having a yellow tint after a decade of installation. If you're concerned about the durability and longevity of the windows, you should check out our selection here at Sunlux. The windows are made from high-quality materials, come with warranties, and are sourced from reputable manufacturers. They are practical and durable.