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Fakro Conservation Windows

If you live in a conservation area that requires your building to have windows that are exact replicas of historic windows, conservation roof windows are the answer you need. They are the perfect solution for a period property, especially if you live in an area of historic buildings and protected beauty. 

Thanks to Sunlux's incredible selection of products, you can count on our conservation windows to maintain the traditional look of your home that you either want to keep from your own initiative, or you’re required to keep by regulation. At the same time, you are still getting a modern, reliable window solution. You’ll improve energy efficiency and sustainability without losing the traditional charm of your property.

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Check Out Our Range of Conservation Roof Windows

Shop for conservation windows at Sunlux. Our offer contains a variety of conservation windows available to you in a number of shapes and sizes (from 55x78 inches to 134x98) that will suit your conservation specification. Using the latest technological advancements, roof windows in our offer possess great thermal insulation parameters, setting them apart from the competition in terms of quality. These products are slightly different in looks when compared with the standard window, however, they promote the same features. Their characteristic feature is the vertical centre bar down the middle of the window and black metal cladding coverings on the window and flashing, which matches traditional buildings. Sunlux offers also the option of an interior white finish with a discrete wood grain to match your modern, bright design. Ultimately, this maintains the character of the period and stylised buildings from the outside while simultaneously creating a comfortable, modern interior.

Expect a timeless design, that will blend with the classic look of conservation areas with all the benefits of modern engineering. Roof window designs are available in either centre-pivot or top-hung opening, all styles are robust and thermally efficient. Conservation windows are produced in the P2 standard glazing option, which you can find in our offer. Moreover, the recessed installation is possible for both slate and tile roofs.

If you would like additional information regarding our range of conservation roof windows, do not hesitate to contact us. We are more than happy to answer all of your questions and help you find the ideal roof window solution for your house.

Pick the best roof window model and order it today! All our conservation windows have the technically superior features of a FAKRO roof window in a traditional black conservation style.

Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items