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Looking for stylish windows for your roof extension? Having trouble finding windows that can withstand extreme weather conditions? Don't know which flat roof window to buy? Our selection of non-opening roof windows is exactly what you're looking for.

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IGX Non-opening Roof Windows

Whether you're renovating your home, trying to increase its value, converting your loft, or considering a roof extension, fixed-roof windows are an ideal solution. Sadly, homeowners don't have many options available to them.

At Sunlux, that's why we've ensured to stock up on premium, durable, quadruple-pane roof windows that offer both amazing natural light and ventilation. Whether you're concerned about thermal performance, the aesthetics of the window, or its durability, you'll find our IGX RESET windows are more than adequate.

Compatible with both pitched and flat roofs, our non-opening skylights are excellent if reducing energy bills, quick and easy installations, and weatherproofing are at the top of your priorities. Our triple-glazed windows with weather-proof EPDM flashing kits excel in all these aspects and more. Whether you have a flat or pitched roof, you can easily install them.

If you have any questions or concerns, you should get in touch! We are more than happy to discuss our excellent IGX windows.

Why Buy Non-opening Windows?

Many homeowners are worried that fixed rooflights aren't for them since it doesn't provide ventilation. And while this is certainly true, our Sunlux fixed rooflights offer many advantages that more than compensate for that fact:

  1. More versatile: fixed windows are more versatile. They come in more sizes and shapes, and they can be installed in places where non-fixed windows can't.
  2. Requires less maintenance: Because they lack opening mechanisms, hinges, and internal, there are far fewer moving parts in fixed windows. While this means it won't give you roof access, it also means it will last for far longer and require very little maintenance.
  3. Offers better insulation: Because fixed windows are completely fixed, especially our IGX windows that come with EPDM flashing kits, they provide excellent insulation. You don't have to worry about draughts, increasing energy costs. These windows let ample natural light in without any of the downsides.

Non-opening Roof Windows FAQ

What Are Roof Windows With No Opening?

Windows with no opening, or fixed windows, are a type of windows that don't open. It is fixed to the wall and doesn't include any mechanism allowing you to open it. They are popular due to their versatility - an easy and affordable way to allow natural daylight into a room and breathe life into it.

Do Roof Windows Need to Open?

Roof windows do not need to open, there are many types of non-opening roof windows out there. Non-opening roof windows are more versatile, offer better thermal performance, and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They're extremely popular as a way to add natural lighting to a room. They're also used with both a flat and pitched roof during loft conversions and roof extensions. If you're interested in a non-opening window, at Sunlux, we offer multiple, excellent options. Check them out!

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