Everything You Need to Know About Centre-pivot Roof Windows

When renovating a room, designing a house extension, or building a new home, choosing the right windows is one of the most impactful decisions. From ambience to aesthetics and functionality, it impacts every aspect of the new space.

When considering your options, you can’t forget about centre-pivot roof windows – one of the most versatile, popular, and affordable types of windows in the UK. This blog post will be your complete guide to centre-pivot roof windows and their benefits. 

Benefits of centre-pivot Roof Window

#1 Fresh Air on Demand

A centre-pivot window can create air circulation inside a space entirely by itself, allowing for great ventilation and a fresh atmosphere. This makes it an excellent choice for bedrooms, living rooms, and kitchens; places where proper air circulation is an essential element of comfort.

#2 Great Natural Lighting

Windows, particularly ones installed on the roof, give access to direct sunlight throughout the day, making the space feel warmer, healthier, and more welcoming. Rooms where more light comes at a premium like large halls and gathering spaces will benefit greatly from a window with a centre-pivot opening mechanism. 

#3 Fine Control 

With a centre-pivot roof window, you have complete control over the atmosphere in the room. You can completely open the window, leave it ajar, or close it depending on outdoor temperatures, the ambience you’re going for, and your mood. If you need air, open it; if it is hot outside or the natural light is getting overbearing, the blinds can block sunlight and keep the room cool. Other window types like top-hung windows don’t offer the same level of control.

Sunlux PVC 55cm x 78cm Top Hung Roof Window
Sunlux PVC 55cm x 78cm Top Hung Roof Window

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£153.33 tax excl.

Sunlux PVC 55cm x 98cm Top Hung Roof Window
Sunlux PVC 55cm x 98cm Top Hung Roof Window

Other products in category: Sunlux top hung

£165.00 tax excl.

#4 Timeless and evergreen  

Thanks to their popularity, simple design, and practicality, homeowners have the option to choose between many styles, aesthetics, frames, and glazing for centre-pivot roof windows. From a sleek, minimalistic modern, energy-efficient triple-glazing window to a period-appropriate window that can complement your Victorian or Edwardian-era furniture, you can always find the right window for your home.

#5 Flexibility in functionality

From simple and affordable options to cutting-edge windows with a control bar, remote control, and weather sensors, you have complete freedom over the functionality of your centre-pivot roof window. You can always find one that meets your needs and fits within your budget.

#6 Practical and easy to clean 

A centre-pivot roof window is easy to install, simple to operate, and can be cleaned without roof access. These qualities make it a practical option for homeowners who don’t have a lot of time to maintain and clean their windows.

What to consider when buying a centre-pivot roof window

Excited to take advantage of all the benefits centre-pivot windows provide? This section will act as a complete buyers’ guide going over all the factors you need to consider before installing these excellent windows in the building.

Glazing option

Choosing the right glazing is very important as it impacts insulation and energy efficiency. Here, the two most common choices are double and triple glazing. Double glazing is sufficient for some of the warmer climates in Southern England while Northern climates that get cold in the winter might need to go with triple-glazing panes.


Both the style of the frame and the material it is made from are impactful for the durability of the window, its cost, and how your walls, rooms, and furniture are perceived.

You can choose from timber, aluminium, uPVC, and composite frames.

  • Timber isn’t as durable as the other materials, but it has a unique aesthetic that complements chic and elegant rooms very well.
  • An aluminium window frame is both affordable and durable, making it an excellent choice for practicality-minded homeowners.
  • uPVC window frames are quite expensive, though they provide extra strength and longevity that many industrial and home users find useful.
  • Composite window frames are largely proprietary and made from a mix of glass fibre, timber, PVC, and various metals. The quality, reliability, and affordability of the frame largely depend on the manufacturer.


Do you want a manual window? Do you have a smart home system that you wish to integrate your new windows into? You need to carefully consider both your needs and budgets and then make a decision. It can be easy to go after the latest features, but if you have a limited budget and a home with Victorian aesthetics, a manual window will not only get the job done but is the preferable option!


Blinds are an essential component of a window. Whether it is the amount of light that enters the room. it is how the furniture and walls are being perceived, or it is the style of the window or the house, the right blind can make all the difference. When shopping around for a window, make sure you have the right curtains in mind!

Centre-pivot-style windows are incredibly versatile, practical, and useful, and these qualities make them a great choice for homeowners. But there are many nuances to choosing the right window for your home beyond its type: The frame, the blinds, the glazing, the glass pane, and much more. This article went over everything you need to know about centre-pivot roof windows, their quality and advantages, and how homeowners can choose the right window for their property!