Fakro Roof Windows – Production & Installation

Roof windows are no longer just framed glass panels meant to let a bit of air and light into a house. Modern roof windows have become an integral part of architectural projects, and they are manufactured to the highest standards in order to provide the comfort of living and add to the special ambiance of any home.

One of the global leaders in the production of roof windows is the Polish company FAKRO, and their windows were awarded the Product of the Year award in Great Britain. That’s why we would like to take some time to show you what’s so special about the production and installation of FAKRO roof windows.

FAKRO has championed innovation ever since its beginnings in 1991. It owns a research and development department that hires over 100 engineers, whose brilliant ideas are converted into state-of-the-art solutions enjoyed by people all over the world. The company manufactures a vast range of products that can transform any attic in a comfortable and safe living space.

A key element of the production process is quality control that consists of around 70 tests carried out on all components, materials, and final products. Thanks to environmental chambers, the laboratory can simulate the same tough conditions, to which roof windows will be exposed after the installation. Not only does it eliminate any possible defects, but it also lets the company introduce innovative features and bring the future into the present. FAKRO also cares about the environment and the main material used in the production of windows is pine – one of the most ecologically friendly building materials. Last but not least, from centre pivot, through top hung, to balcony windows, all FAKRO roof windows are manufactured with heat-treated panes, and automatic air inlet in the majority of models.

A long production process, which involves a lot of hard work, makes FAKRO windows safe, reliable, but also presents many installation options. Depending on the architectural conditions and roofing material, they may be installed on battens or rafters, on roofs with a pitch of 15 to 90 degrees, at varying depths, and at any point above the floor level. Small wonder, they can meet virtually and property needs.

FAKRO roof windows have been offering a great number of benefits for over 14 years now, and they are loved by architects, fitters, and customers! At Sunlux, we believe that the secret of FAKRO success is in their efficient and innovative methods of production and installation. We do admire their work, for we have never seen so much precision, professionalism, and love for roof windows. Have you?