Velux Rooflights vs OptiLight Rooflights

Velux and OptiLight are two of the most reliable, popular, and affordable rooflight brands on the UK market — Which one is better? Which one is more affordable? Which one offers more options? Which one is easier to install? Which one is more durable?

Installing the right rooflights is crucial: It impacts the design of your home, the amount of natural lighting inside, its thermal performance, its curb appeal, and much more. And in this article, we’ll answer all the burning questions you have about Velux vs OptiLight rooflights.


OptiLight and Velux rooflights are head-to-head in ease and accessibility of installation. When buying a Velux or OptiLight rooflight on Sunlux, it is going to come with an installation guide that contains all you need to know to properly install the windows.

Although the precise installation steps will depend on the type of window you’re going to get, there’s a silver lining: both brands are famous for offering easy-to-install windows.

Additionally, Each OptiLight window comes with an installation kit that contains brackets, screws, a plastic wedge, and a handle. The window is easily installed into the roof using brackets, and the plastic wedge makes it possible to level the window. So, you shouldn’t have any problems retrofitting your home with your shiny new windows!


Appearance is more of a personal taste, so it is difficult to give either a win here, but both have unique strengths: The OptiLight windows’ wooden components are constructed from precisely chosen, premium pinewood that has been laminated, impregnated, and finished with an environmentally friendly acrylic finish. Aluminium profiles that are resistant to the elements and UV rays cover the wood’s exterior. If you’re looking for a modern, chic window, you can’t go wrong with OptiLight.

Velux windows are synonymous with luxury, and this is in large part due to their iconic designs — the key advantage you’re getting with Velux rooflights is the number of options you have. Regardless of your home’s design, your goals, and your tastes, you can find a Velux rooflight that more than meets the job.

Thermal Performance

Thermal performance is really important when it comes to choosing the right window for your home: Not only does it impact your energy bills, but it also impacts how environmentally friendly your home is.

Optilight windows have excellent thermal performance: a larger effective glazing area on the Optilight window allows more light to enter the space. Every window has double glazing and is made of a single chamber. An exterior glass-toughened, heat-reflecting low-emission layer is applied to the inside pane. It aids in lowering summertime overheating and wintertime heat loss.

Velux windows, for its part, has excellent thermal performance due to a variety of reasons:

  • A layer of transparent plastic (PVB) holds two layers of tempered glass together to form laminated glass. The plastic interlayer is intended to retain the pieces together in the event of fracture. Additionally, UV rays are greatly blocked by laminated glass, preventing furniture from fading.
  • The Low-E metallic layer, which shields against heat and UV rays, is chemically applied to the glass. The VELUX LoE3 has three coatings.
  • Argon is a colorless, odorless, inert gas that makes up around 1% of the earth’s atmosphere and is utilized in fluorescent lights, insulated glass windows, and electric lighting. Because it is denser than air, argon works well as an insulator. All VELUX rooflights and skylights use argon to improve thermal performance.


Windows need to be easy to use, maintain, and clean, and both brands perform exceptionally well here:

  • OptiLight windows: The structure of OptiLight windows is center-pivoting. The window’s middle-mounted hinges enable the sash to open in a variety of directions and rotate up to 180 degrees. Tight closure and two locations of micro ventilation are made possible by the handle design. Regardless of the height at which the window is set, the handle at the bottom of the sash makes operating the window simpler and more pleasant. Comfortable usage and operation are guaranteed by the pivot structure and useful handle located in the bottom half of the sash.
  • Velux windows: the highest caliber, painted before assembly, and then given a water-based lacquer coating to guard against dust and moisture. Thanks to this treatment, The VELUX rooflights are UV resistant, easily cleaned, and shield against direct sunlight, extending the life of your roof window. These windows normally don’t require much care, and this makes them extremely convenient.