3 ways of reducing rain noise on roof windows

There are people who find the sound of rain hitting a window soothing and relaxing, and in certain situations, we can all agree with this sentiment – listening to the sound of light spring or summer rain can be incredibly calming. But it’s just in certain moments and for a short time – after a while rain noise can become grating, especially when you live in an area with regular and heavy rainfalls. Due to the bigger area of glass that gets hit by the raindrops, this issue is even more problematic when it comes to roof windows. However, there are ways to limit the bothersome noises to increase the level of comfort inside your home.

Noise pollution – can you do anything about it?

When considering a loft conversion, sooner or later, the issue of rain noises will come up. Noise pollution is a big issue, especially in urban areas where you not only have to deal with the weather conditions but also with the sound of traffic. And while some of those sounds will find their way into your home one way or another, your choice of windows has a huge impact on how much of a problem it’s going to be. There are many things to consider when choosing the best windows for your home – type of glazing and insulation, the thickness of the glass pane, accessories, all such elements can help you keep the noises outside.

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3 ways of reducing rain noises

#1 Choose your glazing carefully

When you have a single pane of glass in your roof window, you’ll hear every single drop of rain that hits it. There’s nothing to stop that sound from reaching your ears. When you choose a double-glazed window, it adds another layer of insulation from the outside world – such a window consists of two separate panes with a gas-filled gap between them. This solution in itself can be very useful when it comes to muffling the outside noises – including that of rain – but you need to remember that not every double-glazed window is the same. The thickness of each individual pane also matters, as well as the size of the gap between them – generally speaking, the bigger the gap, the bigger your protection against the unwanted sounds. And by choosing a triple-glazed option, you once again add another layer separating you from such noises.

#2 The installation is important too

It’s not just the window itself that plays a big role in stopping the noises from bothering you inside your home – the installation process can affect the final outcome as well. Even the most soundproof window won’t be of any use to you if the sounds can get around it. This means that professional roof window installation is of utmost importance. Such a window has to be fitted and insulated securely, making sure there are no gaps anywhere – this is the most efficient way to stop not only the noises but also to make the windows more energy-efficient.

#3 Find the best accessories

Noise reducing blinds are another solution that can help you keep your home peaceful and quiet. There are many types of skylight blinds and accessories available – from shutters to standard roof window blinds. Blinds will not only keep the noises at bay, but they can also stop the sunlight from bothering you and overheating your rooms.

The most effective way to get the most satisfying results is combining all three of the solutions mentioned above. This way, you’ll make sure to stop the noises – not only those created by rain but all other kinds of noises as well – from disturbing you.

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