4 Things You Should Remember About When Buying an Old Home

4 Things You Should Remember About When Buying an Old Home

Buying an old house is a great way to get a stylish home for an affordable price. Unfortunately, the age of such places means you should always be ready to change or repair a lot of elements in such a house. To help you with that, below are some of the things you should remember after you get yourself an old home.

One common problem area in old buildings is windows, so consider checking them for any mechanical issues before you move in. If your new house has a garage, make sure to check if the garage doors need maintenance or replacing. You should also inspect the condition of the roof and if there are any leaks.

Old homes might have inefficient HVAC systems installed, so consider replacing them with a newer model for the sake of your energy bills. Finally, check the piping in your new house and call the plumber if there’s any risk of leaking.

Follow the tips below and sleep better knowing that your house is much safer!

Check the Garage Door and the HVAC

The garage door is another important part of your house that you should check before moving in. It needs to be sturdy and well-maintained, which means it should not have any mechanical problems or leakages.

If you see any issues, the best thing to do is to call a garage door service and ask them to fix the problem. If the garage door doesn’t make a proper seal or moves sluggishly, it might be time to replace it. After all, you don’t want to risk enormous heating bills or worse, the burglar having easy access to your home.

Another important thing you should check before moving in is the condition of your new house’s HVAC system. Old systems are often inefficient, but also noisy, so it’s always better to replace them if you have the money for a new one. If you don’t, you can always at least service it so you can use the HVAC for a longer period of time.

Always Check the Windows

Old windows are often thin and brittle, meaning that they can be a potential safety hazard in case a hail starts or worse.

Another issue with old windows is that they’re not as airtight as newer models. That’s both due to their inferior construction and because of their age. If you don’t want to feel cold during the winter nights or pay a fortune for your heating bills, upgrading them might be a very good decision in the long term.

Also, check any roof windows for mechanical issues or leakages. If your house is old enough, it might have a skylight that needs some attention. If there is one on your roof, check if it’s leaking or not. It’s important to know because they can be dangerous if they are leaking.

Check the Piping and the Water Heater

The next important thing you should check is the piping. Old houses often have pipes that were installed before the 60s, and they might be in bad condition. You can check if your new house has any of those by looking for leaks in the walls or underneath them.

If you notice any such leaks, you should call the plumber and ask them to fix them. Also, if you see any holes in the electrical or water pipes, make sure to have them properly sealed before moving into your new home.

Another thing you should check is the water heater. Old water heaters are usually inefficient, so replacing them with a more efficient model can help you save money.

Check Your Roof

Finally, you should check your roof for leaks and other problems. If there are any leaks or holes in the roof itself, call a professional to fix them as soon as possible. Such problems can often lead to water damage, which is extremely expensive to repair, so it’s better to avoid them by all means.

Also, don’t forget to check the gutters. Old gutters can often block the water and make it hard for your home’s drainage system to work properly. If you have gutters on your new home, check if they need removal or repair.


As you can see, there are a lot of things you should check when buying an old home. Some of them are pretty easy to check and fix, while others might require a professional’s help. Either way, make sure that your windows are airtight and durable enough. Also, confirm that there’s no leakage from any roof windows you have.

You should also check the garage door, HVAC system, and pipes, as well as your water heater. Finally, don’t forget to check your roof for any potential damage. If you focus on these tips, your new old home will be a lot more comfortable and safer to live in. Good luck!