5 Things to Consider When Purchasing Roof Windows

Buying roof windows gives you a chance to let more daylight into your home and completely transform your living space. But it’s important to keep in mind that apart from all such benefits, it is still quite a big investment, so you should consider all the options before you actually decide to purchase anything – this will help you make the best decision and choose windows that will serve their purpose for many years. So what are the things you should consider when choosing new roof windows?

What type of window do you need?

Before you start comparing different models and options available on the market, you need to decide what type of window you actually need. This decision should be based on your roof type because there are actually big differences between flat roof windows and pitched roof windows. To get the most out of your newly installed windows, make sure to pick the optimal model for your roof.

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How many windows do you want to install?

While choosing the number and the size of your new Velux roof windows, you should always keep in mind the effect you’re after. With more windows, you can let more daylight into your room, but at the same time, you have to remember that such a room will heat up much quicker in the summer. This decision will also depend on whether you want to bring more light into your loft in general or just highlight certain parts of it, so you should always consider such things before actually purchasing windows.

Which glazing option is the best for you?

Whether you’re choosing Velux flat roof windows or pitched roof windows, choosing the right glazing option is incredibly important. Going with double or even triple glazing can improve your windows’ energy efficiency, help you keep the outside noises at bay, and reduce the problem of your loft heating up during the summer. But apart from your comfort, you should also consider the issue of safety – laminated glass windows can help you in this aspect. With laminated windows, even when the glass gets damaged, it will stay in place instead of falling down into the room.

How are you going to open your windows?

Multiple options are available when it comes to openings as well – you can open your windows manually, automatically, or resign from opening them all together and install fixed roof windows. Everything depends on the placement of your windows and the way in which they are going to be used. It’s especially important to consider this issue if your windows are going to be installed in a place that’s difficult to reach.

What do you need your windows for?

Your roof windows can offer you a lot more than just letting daylight into your home – for example, if you plan on creating a roof terrace, you can use a roof access window as an easy way of accessing such space. And by using walk-on rooflights, you can still enjoy the benefits of having roof windows without limiting the amount of space available on the roof. That’s why knowing what the actual purpose of your windows is going to be can be very helpful when looking for the best solutions.

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