How to Repair a Crack in My Skylight Window?

Skylights have been a staple of high-end architectural designs for more than 5 centuries, and many homes still have skylights installed at the heart of their homes. Sadly, the windows, no matter how amazing they look and how high-quality their built is, will degrade over time. That’s why it is so important to learn how to repair the windows effectively and ensure your home looks in top shape. 

Crack in Skylight Window

Steps to Repair a Cracked Skylight

#1 Pinpoint the Problem Specifically

Before you start repairing the skylight, you need to pinpoint specifically where the problem lies and what steps are needed to correct it. A draught might be resulting from a bad installation, frame, or even pane, and you need to learn which one has caused it before you move on, and this is just a simple example.

#2 Calculate the Cost of the Repair

After you’ve pinpointed the issues with the skylight window, it is time to calculate how much it costs to fix it. Because you either might not have the budget for it, you might want to go another route, etc. Window repair jobs, especially for skylight windows, can become quite expensive, and it is important to learn what you’re getting yourself into before embarking on the job.

#3 Learn the Potential Downfalls

You need to learn the potential downfalls of a repair job before you finally start the job. Some repairs have a very short time span, and you need to be aware of this. Other repairs might require you to change the structure of your roof, and this is also something risky you need to keep in mind. “In a lot of instances, it might be more beneficial and cheaper to outright replace the windows instead of repairing them.

#4 Conduct the Repair

Now that you’ve pinpointed the problems, calculated the costs, and considered the alternatives and downsides, it is time to finally conduct the repair job. If you’re quite handy yourself and the scale of the damages isn’t huge, you can repair yourself. But, more often than not, people don’t have either the tools or the experience necessary to get the job done accurately. That’s why it is almost always recommended to hire someone to do the repairs for you.


In this article, we went through a brief description of skylight windows and how a typical repair process looks like. You should be ready and well-informed on the subject now!