8 Simple Ways to Secure Your New Home

If you have just bought a house, you might feel tempted to focus on decorating and making it feel cosy and comfortable as soon as possible, but have you thought about your safety? If you do not invest in basic security measures, you risk having your belongings stolen by a burglar or consumed by a house fire. 

Luckily, preventing that from happening is not as complicated as it might seem. You can start by investing in better windows, maybe those with security film and break sensors, then add window bars or smart window locking mechanisms. You may also put a small safe somewhere inside the house and buy a combination lockbox instead of putting a spare key under the doormat. 

Other than that, you could upgrade your door locks with door reinforcement hardware, buy a home security system, and install motion-detector outdoor lightning. Last but not least, secure your garage and be careful about what you share on social media, as posting about an upcoming trip might encourage a burglar to visit your house. 

Below, you will find more details on each of these tips for improved home security.

Reinforce Your Door with Door Reinforcement Hardware

If you want to keep burglars from breaking into your house by using brute force, you should think about reinforcing your doors with reinforcement hardware. It should be manufactured by a reputable company, as it guarantees that it will be strong enough to withstand forces exerted by thieves.

However, think it through carefully and make sure not to overdo it. Remember the purpose of doors – you want to keep only burglars out, not everyone. So, for example, if you invest in sturdy doors, which is recommended, you can also think about DDA disabled access door systems, especially if any of your household members have a disability or are getting older.

Invest in Better Windows

The quality of your windows can really affect the overall safety of your house. If your windows are too easy to break for potential burglars, you should upgrade them as soon as possible. 

The first thing that you could do is install a window security film on the inner layer of each window located on the bottom floor of your house. Such a film makes it harder for the windows to be broken. Because of that, when a burglar tries to break in through the window, they will not be able to break the glass that easily, making them more likely to be spotted. Also, you could invest in smart window locking mechanisms, which can be integrated into the home security systems, adding another layer of protection to your house. Then, you may install window bars, which are commonly used in old buildings, and think about buying window break sensors that will alert you if someone tries to break one of your windows.

Install a Safe Inside the House

Keeping valuables in a safe is quite popular and for a reason – while they are not foolproof and can be broken into if someone knows what they’re doing, they can protect your belongings from inexperienced burglars who do not own the right equipment for the job or simply do not have the time to fiddle with it. 

You could buy a large fireproof safe or keep your valuables in a combination safe, which is much cheaper and smaller. It’s also a good idea to hide it instead of leaving it in plain sight. Moreover, avoid buying a safe that’s too big for your needs – it may draw unnecessary attention.

Buy a Combination Lockbox

If you keep a spare key under the doormat, you should stop doing that, as it makes you vulnerable to burglaries – a burglar will definitely check under the doormat when thinking about entering your house. Such recklessness can also make it impossible for you to get insurance money if something happens. Instead, it is recommended that you invest in a combination lockbox. A lockbox is a much more expensive option, but it will also be much safer and much more reliable.

Purchase Motion-Detector Outdoor Lighting

Motion-detector outdoor lighting is a great way to protect your house from burglars. It will serve as a deterrent; anyone will hesitate before breaking into a house if they know that they are going to be spotted right away by motion-detector outdoor lights. Out of all the kinds of motion-detector outdoor lighting, go for special security lighting, as it will be equipped with sensitive and reliable motion detectors.

Install a Home Security System

A home security system is another great way to protect your home. You could, for example, opt for a wired home security system, consisting of contact sensors, motion detectors, and interior and exterior cameras, or choose a wireless home security system with door/window sensors, contact sensors, and remote access control panels that can be controlled through a mobile application. The latter option is more expensive, but it will also be much more convenient. 

Whats’ great about a home security system is that it can be upgraded over time, meaning that you can add new features whenever you need them; the most popular include smoke detectors, panic buttons, and glass-break sensors. 

If you need help choosing the best home security system, you should consider hiring a professional who will be able to consider your budget and take care of the installation process. That way, you will ensure the best value for your money and proper functioning.

Secure Your Garage

The garage is not something that most people think about when they are working on their home security, although it should be. If you have a garage, it is recommended to keep it as secure as possible, as it can serve as an entry point for potential burglars. The best way to do that is by installing a secure garage door as well as wiring it to your alarm system.

Be Careful About What You Post On Social Media

If you want to keep burglars away from your house, you should think about being careful about what you post on social media. One of the most common ways in which burglars decide what houses to target is to look at local social media accounts and scope out when their targets are going to leave the house for longer. So, if you plan on going on vacation, it is crucial to keep that information private and share it with people you trust.

In Conclusion

Although it is not the most exciting thing that you could do, taking measures to protect your house from burglars is definitely worth doing. You can either hire a professional to help you or research the topic yourself and buy all the necessary equipment on your own. 

All things considered, you should think about investing in better windows, installing a safe inside the house, and buying a combination lockbox instead of putting a spare key under the doormat, as well as reinforcing your door with door reinforcement hardware, purchasing motion-detector outdoor lighting, buy a home security system, and securing your garage. It is also crucial that you stay careful about what you post on social media, as burglars can use that information against you. 

To sum up, if you take the necessary measures listed above, you should be able to sleep soundly at night and make your house as secure as possible!