Air quality: Solutions that people forget

It has become common knowledge, by this point, that air quality has a serious impact on people’s health. According to some estimates, around seven-hundred thousand people die each year in China due to the low quality of air. Although we here in the West are generally luckier to have much better air quality, we aren’t completely safe. Especially due to how our homes are structured, some studies suggest that the average air quality inside the home can be two to five times worse than the outside. Why is that? How do you go about increasing the quality of air in your home?

air quality

Air Circulation: The Core Problem

The primary reason the air quality inside homes is so bad is the lack of air circulation. Each time we breathe, turn on the stove, light a candle, we slowly help deteriorate the air quality in our homes. Without proper ventilation, this accumulates over time and causes the air quality to progressively worsen. Depending on how bad the air circulation is in your home, it not only will pose a risk for more vulnerable people inside the house like the elderly and the kids, but it might also cause adults to get sick.

The Least Inexpensive Way to Fix It: Windows

The quickest and least inexpensive way you can permanently fix the airflow issue inside your home is by installing a few windows in apt places. You’ll be fixing your air circulation problem and increasing the natural lighting in your home both at the same time for a really appropriate price. The problem, however, is to know which type of windows to install and where to install them. Here’s a simple guide you can use:

  • Roof windows: installing high-efficiency windows on your roof is an excellent choice to offer a bit of ventilation and a lot of natural lighting. Normally, due to the fact you open your front door quite regularly, the air on your ground floor at least experiences some circulation. This is not true for the air that gets stuck in the second and third floor of your home. Installing a roof window will fix this and ensure all parts of your home have proper air ventilation.
  • Tilt and turn windows: tilt and turn windows allows fine-tuned control over how much air you allow into your home. When the weather is moderate, letting in some airflow through these windows is an excellent choice to cool down your home and keep the air fresh. You can always completely open it if you don’t want to use its functionality.
  • Skylight windows: if you have a really large home and getting proper ventilation up is hard, you can always fix that by increasing the window sizes as well. Installing large skylight windows or creating sliding doors overlooking your garden will probably let enough air in. Just remember you probably need more than one window on each floor to ensure the air circulates properly.


Installing windows in your home can be the answer to many problems, but people are usually reluctant to do it due to the numerous reasons ranging from fearing it is too inexpensive to having no knowledge which type of window to install. Thankfully, there are a lot of high-quality professional businesses that will help you with window installation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Air Conditioners Improve Air Quality?

Yes, most air conditioners not only improve the air circulation inside your home, but they also have pre-installed filters that filter out most of the dust and other harmful elements. But, this all comes at a steep cost of buying the air conditioner, fitting it into your home, and paying the increased electricity bills.

What Do You Do When the Air Quality is Unhealthy?

When the air quality drops in your home, you’ll start feeling dizzy, might have difficulty breathing, and long term, you’ll definitely fall sick. That’s why you definitely should do something about it. The first thing you need to do is probably open the doors and windows and ensure your house gets proper air circulation for a few hours. Next, you need to come up with a permanent solution to ensure the air is of decent quality in your home. We talked about one of the permanent solutions in this article.

How Do You Check the Air Quality in Your Home?

The easiest way to check the air quality of your home is to just buy an air quality monitor off Amazon or eBay. This is the most reliable way to tell what’s the air quality inside your home, but there are still some signs you can be on the lookout for:

  • Mould infestation is one of the primary signs the air quality of air inside is bad.
  • Getting watery eyes or having trouble breathing is a serious sign that there’s something wrong, and it is most likely the air quality.