All about roof window flashing kits

Many homeowners in need of additional space prefer to renovate their house instead of moving. This often leads to loft conversions, which is a great way to gain an extra room or two and add to the value of your property at the same time. But to enjoy full benefits of your loft you need to choose the correct windows.

However, even making this decision will not grant you the optimal results on its own, as proper installation of roof windows is impossible without a corresponding flashing kit. Flashing is essential in ensuring protection against weather conditions. Many different types are available on the market and choosing the right one is crucial in achieving the optimal results. In order to make the perfect choice, take into account the requirements your flashing has to meet.

Roof type

Depending on the roof’s structure, different types of flashings are necessary. There are specific options available for flat and pitched roofs. Another thing to consider is whether you have tiles or slates on your roof, as the type of material will have a great impact on your final decision. This holds an especially big importance for tiled roofs, as certain tile variations may vastly vary in thickness.

Window installation

If you have already determined which window is right for your roof, now it is time to decide how you want it to be installed. While taking this decision, you should keep in mind what is the final appearance you want to achieve. There are two possibilities here: standard and recessed. Standard installation will result in part of a window protruding above the roofing material, although how much exactly will depend on the materials used. Recessed installation, on the other hand, will allow you to get a sleeker effect, as the window will be positioned in line with your roof.

Combination flashings

Another popular option among many loft owners is installing numerous roof windows side by side. In such cases, combination flashings are the choice which will give you the best results. However, if you are planning on using this solution, remember that the windows have to be of a corresponding height.

Consider accessories

There is a range of accessories on offer related to improving insulation. Depending on local conditions, you may choose from a variety of options. Be it a vapour barrier, which will keep condensation from happening, or an insulation collar, which will prevent heat losses, such a purchase is a great investment that guarantees you savings, in both energy and money, in the future.