Choose the Best Stairs for Your Attic

Deciding that Installing stairs for your attic is a must is easy — almost nobody disputes this. Sadly, the next step isn’t as straightforward as the first: which stairs should you choose for your attic? What are the qualities you should look for? How much research should you do? How much should you pay for it? Stairs for Attic

These are all important questions that you absolutely should have the answer to before making the final decision. And in this blog post, we’ll try to answer one of these questions: how to decide which stairs are best for your attic. Below, we’ll go over some of the dimensions that are used to assess the quality of the stairs. You need to rank the stairs you’re interested in and decide which one comes out best and suits your needs most. 

First Dimension: Ceiling Height

This one is a deal-breaker: either the stairway is suitable for your home or it isn’t. If the staircase is shorter than your ceiling height, it is virtually useless and almost impossible to use. This is why it is the very first thing you need to check.

Second Dimension: The Dimension of the Stairs

Second comes the dimensions of the stairs, and here, there are two important considerations:

  • Do the dimensions of the stairs make it possible to install them in your house? In some rare cases, it doesn’t, which would be an instant dealbreaker. This is why you should also always check the dimensions of the stairs.
  • Who are the people that will be mostly using the stairs, what kind of stair width would they find most comfortable? This is the second consideration, and it isn’t a deal-breaker. But it is nice to buy stairs that most of your family members will find comfortable and easy to use.

Third Dimension: The Materials Used

The third thing you need to check is the materials used in the stairs. This is also quite crucial as you will use the stairs to transport heavy objects, etc., and you don’t want a low-quality material that might increase the risk of the stairs crumbling under your feet as you go up or down.

Check the quality of the materials, the specifications of the stairs, and see if they both comport with your needs. A steel staircase might just be the thing you need or you might be fine with wooden retractable loft stairs.

Fourth Dimension: Ease of Installation and Operation

Not all stairs are installed the same way, and not all of them are operated the same way. Folding loft stairs are very different from mezzanine stairs — both designs have their advantages and disadvantages. You have to consider how much different types of stairs cost to install and whether or not the operation of a certain type of stairs might inconvenience a member of your family.

Attic 55 wooden folding mezzanine loft staircase
Attic 55 wooden folding mezzanine loft staircase

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