How to Choose Window Frame Colours: 3 Practical Tips

Choosing the right windows is often a difficult task. Deciding on the specifications of the panes, the style of the window frames, and the location of the windows: These are all things you need to carefully consider as they’ll impact the interior design, the curb appeal, and ultimately, the value of your home.

One aspect that’s often overlooked, however, is the colour options you need to choose from when buying windows. It is no small decision either as the colours of the window frames will decide how your windows, and ultimately your home, are perceived. If you want a stylish, aesthetically pleasing home, you need to choose the right colours. 

In this blog post, we’ll go over practical tips you can use that help you make the right decision and choose window frames that perfectly fit your home!

#1 Choose Colours that Match or Complement The Interior and Exterior Design

Though this is somewhat self-evident, it is still the best tip one can give to homeowners: The colour of the window frames you choose needs to match or complement both the interior and exterior of your home. Windows are naturally pretty conspicuous, and the colour of the frames can drastically impact the style of your home. 

Matching Colours

One of the best ways to ensure the windows don’t look out of place is by choosing colours that match the exterior/interior design. If the walls of your home are white, for example, choosing white frames for your windows will come off as natural, and this is largely true for other colours as well.

Contrasting Colours

Another route you can go down is choosing a range of colours that complement and contrast the interior/exterior design. Red and green, orange and blue: These are different colours that go well together, generally. If you have an interior room with blue dominating, orange window frames might look good! 

#2 Learn the Effects Popular Colours Have on the Aesthetics of the Exterior and Interior

It is common knowledge that different colours have different physical and psychological effects. Items clad in black absorb more heat. Blue generally has a calming effect on people while red is the opposite. There are many more examples.

Less common, however, are homeowners taking into account these properties when choosing the colours of their furniture, walls, and yes, window frames! Smart designers often use these colour properties to great effect in their designs. 

Want your home to appear lively? Choosing a yellow window frame is a step in the right direction. Want your home to give off a warm, homely feeling? Choosing wooden frames with an earthly colour will get the job done. Need a modern, professional look? White or black UPVC window frames will more than get the job done.

By learning the strengths and psychological effects of certain colours and leveraging that when choosing window frames, you can ensure your home truly expresses your intentions and goals! 

#3 Choose Colours that Match the Type and Style of the Window Frames

Window frames come in different types of materials, styles, and shapes. You can have frames made from PVC, wood, or aluminium. You can have window frames that are round, rectangular, or square. You can even have window frames that have engravings on them or are stylised in other ways. There are many different types of window frames.

This also means that not every colour will fit every type of window frame. It is okay to go with a popular colour, but it is important you ensure it matches the type and style of the window frame you want.

For example, PVC roof windows are excellent, and while they usually come in black, they can be adapted to a wide range of colours due to their versatile, timeless designs. If you want a traditional wooden frame, however, either going with its natural colour or choosing another earthly colour would probably be the right idea. Green wooden roof windows exist, but many wouldn’t consider them very stylish.


When choosing the right window frames for your home, one of the biggest decision points you’ll face is selecting the colour of the frames. This can impact the design and atmosphere of your home.

However, by choosing colours that match the style and type of the frame, colours that complement the interior and exterior design, and colours that give off the atmosphere you’re looking for, you can ensure the window frames not only match but improve on your house’s design and increase its curb appeal.