6 Benefits of Skylights in Modern Home Design

Skylights are an increasingly popular feature in modern homes. Although they are not a new invention and have been used in architecture for years, the roof windows available today are much more efficient and functional than ever before. This makes them more than just a temporary interior design trend, they are a practical solution that offers many benefits, ranging from lower energy bills to brighter interior spaces.

If you’re wondering whether investing in roof windows is a good idea for your next home renovation project, we’ve prepared a list of six benefits of skylights to help you decide!

More Natural Light

This may be obvious, but it’s still worth mentioning, as it’s one of the main reasons behind skylights’ popularity. They bring more natural sunlight into your rooms without exposing your privacy to the neighbours and onlookers as big facade windows would. A well-positioned roof window can help you get the most out of natural light and reduce the need to use artificial lighting throughout the day. And if you’re worried about having to deal with too much light, e.g. early in the morning, you can install roof window blinds to avoid this issue.

Reduced Energy Bills

Unlike artificial light, sunlight is free, so letting more light enter through your windows is an easy way to lower energy bills. Additionally, energy-efficient skylights can help you control indoor temperature, which can reduce energy costs related to heating and cooling your home as well. Of course, to enjoy such benefits, you need to install your window in a way that will maximise your access to sunlight. A skylight that faces away from the sun or is covered by the shadow of a nearby building or tree most of the day will not be very helpful.

Health Benefits

Another great thing about natural light is its impact on your health and well-being. Regular exposure to sunlight can provide your body with a healthy dose of vitamin D, regulate your circadian rhythm, and even improve sleep quality. Spending time in naturally bright and sun-lit spaces can also improve your mood and boost productivity when compared to darker rooms or those filled with artificial light.

Improved Ventilation

Opening skylight windows is an easy way to fill the interior of your home with fresh air, get rid of unpleasant smells and ensure good air circulation. Keeping your rooms well-ventilated can prevent mould and positively impact your mood, productivity and sleep quality. Just like sunlight, natural ventilation is free, and it can lead to additional savings by reducing the need for air conditioning.

Aesthetic Appeal

Imagine two rooms. One is quite dark and gloomy, while the other is filled with sunlight. Which one looks more inviting? Skylights are an interesting and stylish addition in their own right, but their greatest strength lies in the ability to make everything around them look more appealing. Sunlight can highlight and complement the beauty of your interior design and even make your space appear bigger than it actually is.

Increased Home Value

By installing skylights, you can significantly improve the comfort and energy efficiency of your home. But it’s worth keeping in mind that all the benefits mentioned above add to the value of your property and can make potential buyers more interested in it if you decide to sell.

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