FAKRO Roof Windows: Choosing the Right Model for Your Home

Whether you’re building a new house or planning a loft conversion, roof windows are a great option if you want to gain more space and let more natural light inside. But what is the right model for you? Do you need a flat roof window or a pitched-roof one? What is the best window size for your attic? There are many things to consider, and with so many options to choose from, understanding the differences between them is crucial. To help you make an informed decision, we’ve prepared a short guide to FAKRO roof window types.

Types of FAKRO Roof Windows

FAKRO windows are valued for their exceptional quality, durability, energy efficiency, and aesthetic value. They can be equipped with functional accessories, such as blackout or transparent blinds, to offer even more comfort and provide as much natural light as you need in any situation. When combined with the right flashing kit, they can improve the energy efficiency of your attic space and lower your energy and heating bills by reducing the need for artificial lighting during the day and heat loss.

The type of FAKRO window you need depends on your roof type:

  • Flat roof windows: Also known as rooflights, these windows are a great solution for any room that doesn’t get a lot of sunlight due to its location or size. Flat roof windows are suitable for roofs with a pitch ranging from 0° to 15°. They are available in a variety of window sizes and styles to fit into any interior design and let you enjoy natural light throughout the day. Depending on your needs, you can choose a fixed or openable FAKRO window for flat roofs (including models with manual or electric opening mechanisms).
  • Pitched roof windows: This category of FAKRO windows is designed for roofs with a pitch between 15° and 90°. They can brighten up and visually enlarge your loft space. However, finding the right placement is essential to maximise daylight. Installing a roof window in a place that doesn’t get much sunlight during the day will not offer the desired result. There are two types of pitched roof windows: centre pivot and top-hung windows.

Another thing to consider is the material you want your FAKRO roof window to be made of. This decision can affect the cost, longevity, and maintenance of your windows.

  • Wooden roof window frames: Even though wood is often seen as a more traditional option, it’s still extremely popular even in modern homes. It’s also a more cost-effective choice. High-quality wooden windows are very durable and long-lasting but may require more maintenance than other materials.
  • PVC roof window frames: While they can be more expensive, PVC windows are a great investment as they are very durable, energy efficient, resistant to humidity, and can last for many years with very little maintenance.

You will also need a flashing kit for your roof window. Different types are available, depending on the type of roof. To ensure good insulation and prevent leaks, it’s important to choose one from the same brand and in the same size as your window. We offer a variety of flashing kits suitable for different FAKRO window sizes.

To pick the right FAKRO window size, consider your needs first. If you’re replacing your current skylights, you can simply look for the same window size. However, if you want to install a new window, you may want to consult a building professional to make sure that the installation in your chosen location is possible. When comparing FAKRO window sizes, pay attention to both the frame and the glazed area.

Fakro EZV-A 02 55 x 98cm Tile Flashing
Fakro EZV-A 02 55 x 98cm Tile Flashing

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Find the Right FAKRO Roof Window for Your Loft!

At Sunlux Roof Windows, we offer high-quality windows for flat and pitched roofs in a variety of styles and sizes, along with accessories and suitable flashing kits. If you need help finding the right FAKRO window size or type for your attic, you can check our blog or contact us – we’ll be happy to answer your questions!