Improve kids’ rooms with the skylights

Check out the following tips to improve your kids’ rooms with skylights TODAY!

It’s entirely normal for you to want your kids to have the most comfortable space and a room where they can learn and play. You will want to try your best to ensure that the room is always clean and well decorated. But a more critical factor to consider is the lighting and ventilation of the room. The skylights will give you the best, and you should consider having them for crisp and refreshing air. 

skylights for kids room

What are skylights?

Skylights, often called roof lights, are windows that sit or are installed and mounted into the roofline of a room. It is a fixed window set that introduces a sufficient amount of natural light into the room. It is primarily designed so that the window itself doesn’t open at all, but sometimes, it may include venting options in its design.

Why skylights?

If you’re wondering why you should choose skylights for kids’ room windows, it’s pretty simple. The skylights are an essential asset for a kid’s room because they;

  • Improve healthy living

As we know, natural daylight is a source of Vitamin D that helps enhance strong bone development and cognitive reasoning. It also helps prevent excessive weight gain and depression. Growing kids should be exposed to this as it helps in brain development. But since it might not be possible to go out often, introduce daylight into the room.

  • Provide Fresh air

The importance of fresh air when children are growing cannot be overemphasized. Kids need fresh air as a crucial requirement for development. Since they don’t get all the time to go out besides school, you might as well help bring this feeling into their bedroom.

Other reasons why skylights are advisable include improving eye and lungs health and help them sleep more soundly. They also help you save on energy costs and add aesthetic value to the property.

Tips for incorporating skylights in a modern kid bedroom

Here are a few valuable pieces of information to help you bring the skylight window option into a kid’s space;

  1. Bring in more natural light by installing about 2 to 3 skylights in the room.

A better way to allow more natural light into the room is to mount more than one skylight. Children’s bedroom light and lighting options are numerous, but a more efficient way remains the use of skylights. Then how about more than one skylight?

However, having multiple skylights is only advisable if the room is large enough to accommodate more than one bed. Maybe a bunk could be a better idea. If the case doesn’t permit this, stick to one skylight, as having more than one will lead to too much light.

  1. Install roof window blinds to help at night

Having roof window blinds or block-out blinds installed to shade the room from light at night is also a good idea. At night or day naps, the children’s room light may be too much and interfere with a night of peaceful sleep. You can have blinds to help solve this difficulty.

  1. Go for an openable option for better ventilation.

Skylights have options that allow you to open them. So, to bring fresh air and proper ventilation, you can tell your contracting company to provide you with the retractable option.

  1. Electrically controlled skylights are also helpful.

If the ceiling is too high, then controlling the window manually might be difficult. Therefore, opt for electrical or remote control options for the kid’s bedroom.

What do you think?

Since the skylights host a lot of rewards, you should indeed consider them anytime. For a healthier living and breathing space, bringing them into your kid’s bedroom will be a good choice. Just ensure it is done in appropriate proportion.

Get your children’s room light to be sufficient enough for them to learn and play with ease using the skylight today!