5 Signs You May Need to Buy a New Loft Ladder

Optistep OLE 70cm X 111cm Wooden Loft Ladder & Hatch

Loft ladders are one of the most commonly used methods of accessing attic space. Their popularity among homeowners stems from their functionality, durability, and the fact that they don’t take up too much floor space, especially folding loft ladders that can be easily folded and kept out of sight when not used. But while it’s definitely true that buying a loft ladder is a long-term investment, there comes a moment when you need to look for a replacement. How can you recognise it’s the right time to replace your tried and tested loft ladder?

When Should You Consider Replacing Your Old Loft Ladder?

It Doesn’t Offer You the Support You Need

Once you lift your feet off the ground to climb up to the loft floor of your house, the loft ladder you step on is everything that keeps you safe and prevents you from falling down. That’s why its construction has to be sturdy and stable enough to stay securely in place under your weight. This effect is often achieved by adding foot grips to the loft ladder’s design. If you notice that your ladder starts slipping and moving under your feet, it’s definitely a sign to look for a new one.

It’s No Longer Safe to Use

User safety is one of the primary concerns for loft ladder manufacturers. For this reason, many models come equipped with handrails and other safety measures. However, over the years of regular use, parts of the construction can get damaged or loose and no longer provide enough protection and support to climb up and down the ladder without any risks.

You Can See Damages That Cannot Be Easily Fixed

Damages such as broken parts, missing screws, a faulty sliding mechanism or deformations are among the most noticeable signs you may need to buy a new loft ladder. While fixing a loose screw or replacing used rubber foot grips is within the capabilities of anyone with even minimal DIY experience, other damages cannot be fixed as easily, and it may actually be better to look for a new loft ladder than attempting extensive repairs that can affect the integrity of the entire construction.

There’s a Significant Decrease in Its Quality and Functionality Due to Wear and Tear

It’s only natural for any type of product on the market that it loses quality over time, and the same holds true for a wooden loft ladder, as well as aluminium loft ladders. Even if the structure itself keeps its shape and stability, there are other elements that can get damaged as a result of daily use. One of such parts is the folding mechanism in folding ladders for lofts – once it stops running smoothly, using your ladder can become rather uncomfortable.

You’re Looking for a More Comfortable Solution to Access Your Loft Space

Your choice of loft ladders should be based mainly on the function of your loft space. You need to look for different solutions depending on how you intend to use the loft floor. But whether you’re going to use your attic for storage purposes or you plan to access it on a daily basis, you need to be able to climb your loft ladder safely. That’s why it’s essential to choose your new loft ladder based on your actual needs and expectations.

Our offer includes a variety of functional and durable options to transform your attic into a comfortable and easily accessible space for you and other residents of the house. Invest in high-quality products to make sure your loft ladder stands the test of time and keeps its functionality and quality for many years to come.