Skylight Problems: What to Do When Your Skylight is Leaking

Roof windows can help you completely transform your home by bringing more natural light into it. Bright and airy spaces are not only more comfortable to spend time in, but they limit the need for using artificial lighting throughout the day, thus effectively reducing your expenses. There’s no denying then that installing a skylight offers many benefits. But, unfortunately, there are no perfect solutions, and you need to be aware that you may come across a few skylight problems, including a leaking skylight.

What causes the skylight leaking problems?

Just because your skylight is leaking doesn’t mean you have no other option than to look for a replacement window. There’s a chance that the issue is small enough for you, or a specialist you hire to deal with this problem, to fix it. But what are the possible causes of roof window leaking?

  • If your roof window wasn’t installed and insulated properly, it might result in problems with water getting into your home. That’s why having your windows installed professionally is so important, and you should only attempt a DIY installation if you have enough knowledge and experience to do it correctly.
  • Another potential cause is related to the window flashing – it may be improperly installed or damaged due to, for example, corrosion.
  • Improper installation of your roof window or its flashing may result in damages. That’s why it’s important that you, or your contractor, always read the instruction before getting to work – even though skylights appear to be very similar to one another, in reality, each model may demand a slightly different approach.
  • If you notice droplets of water on the surface of your window, or in its vicinity, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your skylight is leaking – it may also be caused by excessive condensation.

Skylight leaking – how to fix

If you want to try and repair leaking skylights instead of replacing them, your first step should be to inspect them very carefully. You need to know exactly what the cause of leaking windows is in order to choose the most appropriate solution.

Check your window both from the inside and outside. Make sure to clean the roof area around the window before looking for any gaps or damages, and pay close attention not only to the window but to the flashing and the roof as well. Luckily problems with flashing are usually quite easy to fix – you can seal the gaps or simply replace it.

While it’s possible to fix leaking skylights, it’s not always the best solution you can choose. If the problem is serious, or it’s a reoccurring one, it may be a much better idea to just replace your old window with a new, more energy-efficient and better-insulated one! Take a look at our offer of a wide range of roof windows and find the perfect one for your home!

People Also Ask:

Why is my skylight leaking?

In most cases, problems with leaking skylights are caused by faulty installation. That’s why it’s advisable to work with experienced professionals and follow the installation instructions carefully – this should help you make sure that your window is insulated properly, and it’s not damaged in any way in the process.

How do I know if my skylight is leaking?

Luckily, leaking is quite easy to notice – you simply need to inspect your windows once in a while and look for any unexpected and unexplained presence of water on the surfaces underneath your window. Even if you can only see a few small droplets, don’t disregard it – if you take the necessary steps early on, you’ll most likely be able to fix the issue without replacing the window.