Are sun tunnels any good?

Most people can never get enough of natural light in their homes. In the majority of cases, the perfect way to ensure this is by simply adding more windows to your household. However, there are instances in which that just isn’t an option. Maybe your dark corridor is too far away from the roof for a skylight and without access to any external wall? In those cases, sun tunnels seem like the only option, but what exactly are they? And are they any good?

What are sun tunnels?

Also known as light pipes and sun tubes, sun tunnels are the perfect means of illuminating any windowless room. They are a very simple tool that carries a number of benefits, making it a great addition to any home that is in desperate need of sunlight. Whether you own a pitched roof or a flat roof, you can install a sun tunnel in your home without any problem. This is achieved through a system of highly reflective tubes connecting the sunlight in your ceiling to the roof.

Types of sun tunnels

There are two basic types of sun tunnels to choose from, Which one is best for your home depends on your home’s individual features, but both are perfectly valid options.

Rigid sun tunnels are a more solid option, with an improved transmittance of light to that of flexible sun tunnels. The light channels directly through the tube to the place of destination. In this instance, there is more direct sunlight entering your home, with less reflected light, which makes for a warmer, more natural solution. Their effective light distribution is at up to 20m.

Flexible sun tunnels are a cheaper alternative to rigid sun tunnels that is still perfectly feasible for shorter distances. Thanks to the flexible tube, the sun tunnel can run around obstructions, so it’s perfect if you don’t have enough space to fit in a straight, rigid light tunnel. The recommended length of a flexible sun tunnel is 6m.

Are they worth it?

The short answer is: yes! Sun tunnels are a perfect way to add more light to your home. With clever positioning and an appropriate type of tunnel, you can greatly increase the amount of sunlight entering your home while not spending a lot of money on it. It;s a healthy option that also helps you save money on electricity. Though effects can be multiplied if you install more sun tunnels in your room, even one can make a big different. So if you’re struggling with finding the solution to your natural lighting problems, sun tunnels may be just what you’re looking for.