Types of skylight blinds for loft windows

The main purpose of skylight windows is to guarantee benefits to your loft, such as sunlight, an extra breeze of fresh air and a great view over the neighbourhood or nature. But there can be a time that you’ll decide on blinds that will mean just as much to your loft as the skylights themselves.

Roller blinds

This particular type of blinds is super popular, easy to use and friendly. There are plenty of companies on the market that produce those roof window accessories, so it is very easy to match up to any shape and measure. Those simple, yet stylish blinds are extremely easy to fit into any room scheme. Their main purpose is to soften the light that’s coming in through the windows.

Venetian blinds

The perfect balance between sunlight coming into your loft. With those simple and timeless blinds, you’ll achieve a contemporary and clean look to your space. Those perfect for humid spaces blinds come in many sizes and colours, so you can be certain that you’ll find a budget-friendly option for yourself regardless of the window brand that you have.

Roman blinds

Roman blinds are a fantastic option if you would like to make your room look extra stylish. They come in multiple fabrics, designs and opacity. Their main role is to shade the loft up a bit, not exclude the light completely. It is a perfect solution for those, that use the loft for a living area, kids play-room or a home office.

Blackout blinds 

This is a solution for those that want to create a total blackout in your loft at any time of the day and night. They are made with a strongly reflective black coating that reflects the rays out of the room. It is a great choice for those that need a peaceful and quality sleep environment at any time of the day, like kids or anyone working night shifts. To make the kids’ room user-friendly, check out Velux’s collection ofStar Wars and Disney characters featured on their blinds.

Pleated blinds

If you need blinds, not for shading, but to change the harsh and direct sun rays into a soft and diffused light, go with pleated blinds. They are made for those that want privacy without sacrificing the light. They can be positioned just as you want them to be, so they can provide you with the optimum flexibility.

Modern blinds come with a long list of colours, shaper and functions to fit right into your lifestyle and needs. There is an option for everyone, whether you are looking just for light control, heat protection, additional security or stylish addition.