Velux windows for minimum pitch roofs

When it comes to windows, there are a lot of ways in which you can make your home not only allow more sunlight in, but also make your interior much more interesting. If you have a loft with a pitched roof, you can make your room very warm and welcoming with an addition of a roof window – the perfect choice if you’re looking for a way to capitalise on the additional light that a pitched roof can provide. But what if your roof has a low pitch, but one that’s still not low enough to consider it a flat roof? Velux has the solution for you in minimum pitch windows.

What are minimum pitch windows?

Minimum pitch windows don’t differ much from regular roof windows. The only difference is that they can be used with roofs that have a pitch between 15 and 20 degrees. Our windows are also a perfect fit for flat roofs (0-10 degrees). Velux’s minimum pitch roof windows are crafted with great care and attention to detail, offering a level of customisation and versatility on the same level as their regular pitched windows, while still being perfectly optimised for a lower-pitched roof.

Just like with regular-pitched roof windows, Velux’s minimum pitch windows come in three types:

  • Solar skylight – just like the remaining two types, this window is perfectly suited for flat and low-pitch roofs. It main purpose is allowing more sunlight into your loft, but it also offers added ventilation thanks to its opening mechanism, operated by remote control. Whether you’re looking for a window that’s perfectly suited for a bathroom, kitchen, or any other type of room, the solar skylight will fit in perfectly. It also comes with a removable insect screen, so that you can make sure your room is ventilated in the summer without worrying about pesky outdoor visitors.
  • Manual skylight – in many ways, this window is very similar to the solar skylights, being a perfect choice for any area with a flat or low-pitch room if you’re looking for more sunlight and ventilation. The main difference is in the mechanism it works on. Instead of operating via remote control, manual skylights are operated by hand, so you can open and close your windows at will without having to rely on batteries.
  • Fixed skylight – if all you want is to visually expand your interior, add some more views and daylight, the fixed skylight is a great choice. Though the window itself cannot be opened for additional ventilation, it offers superior ventilation and protection from the elements. A fantastic choice for a low-pitch roof.