6 things to remember before buying roof windows

Let’s say you’re having trouble illuminating your room with regular windows. Artificial lighting is all well and good, as long as you only have to use it at night – not only does having to rely it during the day have a negative impact on our moods, but it can also cause you to lose a lot of money on electrical bills for something that could have been avoided. Still, some rooms are harder to illuminate than others, which is why implementing roof windows can be such a good idea. But where do you even begin choosing the right roof window?

    1. Before you start thinking on the type of window you want, take the time to consider the various aspects of the room. If you want your room to stay cooler, it might be a good idea to keep it darker, while if you want it to be used as a working space or a general living space, you will need to make it brighter.
    2. Consider the direction your window would face so that you can take full advantage of the sunlight by choosing the most efficient position. South-facing windows are the best way to capture a lot of light, while North-facing ones are the worst in that regard. East and West-facing windows will capture more light in the morning and the evening respectively. Take all these factors carefully into account before proceeding with the window choice.
    3. If you’re thinking of adding more light into your loft – for example, if you’re performing a loft conversion – it’s important to decide how you implement your windows, as not only will they determine the roof’s brightness, but they’ll also become potential obstacles for any furniture. Keep the pitch of your roof, the size and shape of your rooms, as well as which areas you’d like to make lighter in mind.
    4. It’s also important to determine the window type you want for your loft. Centre pivot roof windows come in automatic and manual versions, so you can choose one that’s most comfortable depending on roof height, while top-hung roof windows open from the top and are great for lower roofs as they allow you to completely open up the space.
    5. It’s not only lofts that you can illuminate, however. For other rooms in your home that you want to make brighter, consider flat roof windows. These can help you add more direct sunlight into your living room, kitchen, etc. They come in fixed and opening options, so make sure you carefully consider which version is the best for you.
    6. There are also instanced where you simply cannot utilise any of the above examples because your room is far away from your roof. In those cases, consider a sun tunnel. This innovative solution can help bring more light into places really far away from sunlight using a unique solution. As the name suggests, it’s a tunnel that directs sunlight into the room using its reflective surface

Every room has different needs, so make sure you consider all of them before deciding on a roof window! Regardless of what you choose, with our help, you can be certain that your home will be brighter than ever before.