Choosing loft ladders

A loft ladder can be a fantastic solution for any home. If you’re looking for an incredibly easy and efficient way to reach your storage space, a traditional staircase isn’t exactly the best way to do it. With a loft ladder, however, things are much simpler. They give you really easy access to your loft while also taking up a minimal amount of space. But while it goes without saying that loft ladders are the most efficient solution for you, you’re still left with the choice of ladder type.

Loft ladders can be divided into two main types based on the manner of their containment: folding and sliding loft ladders. Regardless of the type, each loft ladder can be made either from metal or timber. Most metal loft ladders will be made of aluminium, as well as occasionally steel and other heavier metals. It’s important to keep in mind that aluminium loft ladders will always give the impression that they are slightly bending underneath your feet, even if you are nowhere near exceeding the weight limit. This is by design, but it is important to keep in mind in case this makes you anxious. It is also important to keep in mind that, no matter what style you choose, aluminium loft ladders will always be noisier than their timber equivalents.

Sliding loft ladders

– are among the easiest to fit. They are attached to the joists in your loft and extend out completely by sliding out as you pull the hatch open. The main disadvantage that they carry is that they can take up a lot of space when closed, but most UK homes have large enough openings to fit them all in. Aside from the basic sliding ladder that consists of two segments sliding one on top of the other, there are two more popular models: the concertina loft ladder and telescopic loft ladder. Concertinas are very popular as they take up very little space, thanks to their accordion-like sliding mechanism, making them perfect for smaller homes. However, cheaper concertinas are usually a terrible idea, so be prepared to pay more for this particular product. Telescopic ladders, however, operate on telescopic pipes that not only take up much less space, but the cheaper options are also fairly solid.

Folding loft ladders

– are the most popular option in the UK, and they offer a very practical solution by connecting the ladder segments with hinges. They usually come with a hatch of their own, so they’re easy to install and very simple to use.

Regardless of the type of ladder you choose, always be mindful of the maximum load capacity, as exceeding the weight limit might result in physical injury. Consider loft ladder accessories to further enhance your loft ladder experience, such as the great selection of railings that we offer.