Types of Roof Windows

Types of Roof Windows

There are many different types of  roof windows and each one of them works best in different situations. How to pick the best roof window that’s going to make your life the most comfortable, and how to utilize the windows to their fullest? Read on and find out what you should focus on while deciding on a roof window for your house.

Different Types of Roofs and Roof Windows

The first thing to take into account is the type of roof you have. Not every window type is going to be the right choice for every single person. It depends on your specific circumstances. A roof window can offer amazing opportunities and let in more natural light than other window types, and that’s why it’s beneficial to consider roof windows in your home design. If you have a pitched roof or a flat roof, roof windows are going to give slightly different results. One thing’s for sure, your energy bills are going to be less severe as all the types of roof windows bring natural light in huge amounts to your room, making artificial lighting obsolete through a big portion of each day.

So, which roof window is the right solution for you? For pitched roofs, you can get a couple of different options depending on your preferences. There are centre pivot roof windows and top hung roof windows and both of these options can be equally beneficial to you, but they work in ways that are slightly different, so ultimately, the choice is yours and you should base it on what’s going to be more comfortable for you personally in your daily life.

If you have a different type of a roof, you have different options that can also work wonders. For example, for a flat roof, flat roof windows are a guaranteed success. The bottom line is: Skylights and roof windows are an amazing solution for every type of roof and can make your house a better and more comfortable space. Your loft is also going to be a lot more practical than before, and that’s why it’s worth considering it.

Benefits of a Roof Window

Apart from the fact skylights play an important role in bringing natural light to your loft, there are other benefits of having a roof window too. No matter your roof situation, a roof window is a great source of natural ventilation. These two pros of skylights allow energy efficiency in your house with little to no effort. You don’t have to do any additional work or choose energy efficiency in a conscious manner, it’s enough to just have roof windows and you’re set. More natural light equals less need for artificial lighting and the option of natural ventilation equals less need for electrically-powered ventilation. It’s an amazing option taking both economics and ecological needs into consideration.

More natural options make your household more eco-friendly and therefore, without even noticing, you could be contributing to saving the planet. Natural daylight is also better for you than any sort of artificial lighting source like halogen or LED bulbs, so roof windows can definitely bring about a lot of positive change into your daily life.

Roof Window Types and How to Choose the Best One for You?

The three main roof window types are flat roof windows, pitched roof windows and skylights. There are a couple of options when it comes to windows for pitched roofs. You can get top hung roof windows or centre pivot roof windows. What’s the difference between each one of them and which is the best? It all depends. Mostly, it’s about the way your house is built and how your roof looks. Basically, any type of roof can have a window in it, but the advantages are going to be different depending on the type of roof window you get.

Some roof windows can provide a lot of light and a brand new sense of spaciousness. Others can also be a valid ventilation option. Either way, the potential of a roof window in your loft is immense. A shabby and small space can turn into a cosy, modern and overall functional living or working space simply by installing a window. Your attic no longer needs to remain a storage space, it can get a brand new lease on life, provided you get a window there.

Different Types of Pitched Windows

Pitched roof windows come in a few types. There are top hung roof windows and centre pivot windows. The main difference between these two types of roof windows is the way in which they work. It may seem like an insignificant distinction but it has a huge impact on the way you function in your loft. The names – top hung roof windows and centre pivot windows – are pretty self explanatory. Top hung roof windows are a type of windows that open fully and are attached at the top of the window frame.

Centre pivot roof windows open from the centre. This specific feature makes for good choices but for different circumstances. How do they work in practice? The top hung option doesn’t infringe on the space of your loft. It opens at the top and goes out so you don’t have to have much space in your attic as it won’t consume it while it’s open.

It’s not the case with centre pivot windows though. It’s not that they’re not a good option but when picking them for your pitched roof, you’ve got to be aware of what it means for the functionality of your attic. For centre pivot roof windows to be a truly marvelous solution, you need a bit more space. That’s because this type of window opens to the inside of your room, and while it doesn’t take up a ton of space, you still need to make sure you take this into account when making a final choice.

Flat Roof Windows and Their Features

Flat roofs and the windows that are made to fit them are quite different from pitched windows. You can’t open roof windows that are installed on a flat roof. That means that their main function is letting more daylight into your loft. It’s still a valid and highly functional option that can be wonderful and practical for your home. Different types of roof lights are the best option for different roofs, but a flat roof extension has its own needs.

If you invest in good quality roof windows for your flat roof, you can enjoy the most comfortable and beneficial option for many years. Just like the name suggests, these types of windows are meant to be installed on flat roofs.

When to Opt for Skylights?

A skylight is a roof window option you can use as both an additional lighting source and an additional way of ventilating. Just like flat roof windows, skylights offer more natural light and less need for artificial lighting. Another advantage of skylights is that you can actually open them. That’s due to the fact that this type of a roof window is installed on roofs that are significantly more arched than the previous option.

Skylights are an option that’s perfect for lofts converted into livable rooms. Loft conversions are a rather common occurrence, but they require a source of natural lighting, otherwise the room is going to be depressing. That’s exactly why a loft conversion and a skylight roof window go hand in hand.

Invest in a Lasting Roof Window Solution

No matter the exact roof window type though, there’s one aspect that should always be your priority. The quality of the product you buy has a direct effect on the quality of your life every single day. Short-term money savings isn’t worth it as, in the long run, a roof window solution has to be functional and perfectly fitted to your needs serving its purpose with no problems for many years.

That’s what you can get, provided you opt for SunLux. We offer a wide choice of different types of roof windows. You’ll find only the best options that you’re bound to be satisfied with. No matter the type of your roof and the type of window you decide on, you can find them and get them at competitive prices at our website. Make sure to check out what roof window options you can get and find out which one would be right for you.