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Velux roof windows

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  • Pitched Roof Windows

    If you’re looking for a perfect window for your pitched roof, check out Velux windows with minimum pitch. The Velux centre-pivot window is characterised by an incredible ease of use, as well as a pleasing appearance that should fit perfectly into most houses, both traditional and contemporary. They operate on a top-mounted control bar, so they can be installed lower than regular pitched windows. With a range of glazing options and finishes available, the pitched roof windows can be freely customised to match your desired appearance even more.

  • Velux Accessories

  • Sun Tunnels

    Some areas of the home are dimmer than others. For example, a hallway often doesn’t have access to external walls, so it may be hard to install a window that will direct natural light into it. This is even harder without direct access to the roof, because roof windows won’t work. In these cases, try a sun tunnel. The Velux sun tunnel is a revolutionary concept that allows sunlight to enter any room, regardless of the distance from the roof. Make each room bright and warm with our incredible selection of sun tunnels.

  • Flashing Kits

    Installing roof windows is one thing, but making sure they blend in well with the roof is another thing altogether. VELUX flashings are designed to remedy any problems that might result from that. Designed exclusively for use with VELUX roof windows, our collections of flashing kits are a guarantee of security and improved thermal efficiency of your windows. Check them out!

  • Velux Roller Blinds

  • Velux Flat roof windows

    Eye-catching flat glass solution

    While the classic VELUX flat roof window comes with a dome, the flat roof plane glass model introduces a beautifully integrated 4 mm hardened glass pane. 

    Inside, the newcomer matches all specifications of a classic VELUX flat roof window. Outside, the plane glass stands out as a stylish and minimalistic design feature with underlying black bordering and discrete profiling.

    More flat roof windows and skylights here.

  • Sun Tunnels

    In most cases, when a room is dark, a window or skylight can fix it. But there are instances where rooms do not have direct access to the roof or walls connected to the exterior, so neither of these solutions is possible. In such cases, a Velux sun tunnel is an excellent alternative. It allows direct sunlight to your room without costly renovations or structural work. It is affordable, it is easy to install, and it is environmentally friendly. An excellent way to have natural lighting in any room.

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Showing 73 - 79 of 79 items