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PVC roof windows

Modern, energy-saving solutions for the most demanding customers. They are available in three basic versions: centre pivot, top and side hung. As a result they fit in with aesthetics and spatial possibilities of different houses. Manufacturers prepare them in several standard sizes to match requirements of every customer.

Amongst the most prominent features of Sunlux, Fakro and Velux PVC roof windows the self-cleaning ‘Bioclean’ glass receives much attention. It virtually solves the issue of keeping them clean, which is especially problematic in top and side hung models, as the access to the outside is limited. However, they also represent numerous additional advantages. One of the most important in terms of functionality is thermal insulation. At the same time they keep the warmth inside and separate the interiors from outside noises. As a result everyday comfort of rooms with PVC roof windows is very high. Select Velux, Sunlux or Fakro products at top prices and save your money in short and long term.