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Flat roof windows

Flat roof windows are becoming an increasingly popular solution used to let in more light into any interior, private and public alike. Whether you’re looking for a fixed, manually or electrically opened window, regardless of your required size, we can help you choose one that fulfils your needs best. Manufactured by Sunlux, Fakro and Velux, we offer some of the best flat roof skylights and windows on the market.

Our offer contains a variety of flat roof windows available to you in a number of shapes and sizes. Using the latest technological advancements, all the skylights for flat roofs in our offer look good and possess great thermal insulation parameters, setting them apart from the competition in terms of quality and presentation.

The flat roof windows we offer also come equipped with an anti-burglary glazing unit, as well as solutions making them resistant to UV rays and harsh weather. Regardless of which style of window you end up choosing, you can be sure you’ll end up paying a fantastic price for a product with amazing functionality and aesthetics

Pick the best model for your building and order it today. You should get it even on the next working day!

Sunlux flat glass rooflights

There are a number of different ways that you can properly illuminate a building. Among those practical solutions is the flat glass rooflight by Sunlux. This model is non-opening and utilises double glazing. Made using high-quality materials, the frame utilises new technologies for peak thermal insulation. Thanks to its simple look, the skylight will fit in perfectly into any modern home or other building.

Fakro flat glass rooflights

Fakro’s flat glass rooflights were designed with the construction sector in mind, aiming to provide people employed in the sector with a window that will offer maximum functionality. Not only do they guarantee maximum access to daylight, but they are also very easy to install and comes in three basic types: fixed, electric, and manual. Thanks to the triple glazing, energy efficiency and thermal insulation are at a maximum level.

Fakro flat  roof domed

Thanks to the use of high-quality materials, Fakro can offer excellent double-glazed units with really good thermal insulation that also look very elegant. The flat roof window with a polycarbonate dome is one of Fakro’s most popular design that also offers top-quality anti-burglary protection thanks to the transparent thermoplastic.

Fakro flat roof access escape

Industrial and residential buildings alike can benefit from Fakro’s joinery elements that make up the flat roof access escape window. Available with hinges on either the left or right side, Fakro’s escape windows boast a number of practical features, such as their large size, gas piston mechanism, a double layer of acrylic varnish, and many more. The durable, reinforced glass makes them a perfect security measure.

Velux flat roof windows

This model by Velux is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a slick, elegant solution, thanks to its 4mm hardened glass pane. The inside of the frame contains the same robust mechanism regular Velux windows possess, but the stylish minimalist design is what really sets it apart from other windows.