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velux centre pivot windows

Velux roof windows remain one of the most popular choices for many homeowners in Britain - this isn't just due to tradition, no, it has way more to do with the value and flexibility these roof windows provide - this is especially true for centre-pivot roof windows. Its opening mechanism gives it an edge over other types of windows making it more flexible, less space-intensive, and excellent for home renovation and loft conversion. 

And if you're interested in a Velux centre-pivot roof window, you definitely need to check out our collection of excellent windows below! 

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Showing 1 - 18 of 18 items

What Makes a Velux Roof Window Special?

Our Velux products have been manufactured from the highest-quality materials using industry-standard best practices to ensure longevity and reliability. When you order one of our windows, you know you're getting the best value on the market, and thanks to our massive selection of windows, you don't need to buy products from any other window manufacturer. We have a wide array of windows available that will fulfil all your needs.

Velux centre-pivot windows are one of our more-in-demand products, and this is because of their flexibility and reliability in homes - there are a lot of advantages you could glean when you order and glaze a centre-pivot window in your roof.

An excellent choice if you're thinking about a loft conversion: loft conversions have become exceedingly popular as the price of real estate has been exponentially increasing and normal homes don't have a lot of available area - extra space is becoming extremely valuable. A loft conversion can be the answer - you'll get an extra room, and it requires minimal investment. The only problem is that the attic isn't very comfortable, typically, and you need to make some changes to make it more comfortable and appealing. And one of the first changes is installing a roof window, and here's why it should be a centre-pivot one:

Why Choose Centre-pivot Windows?

  • More fine-tuned and effective air circulation: due to the way these centre-pivot roof windows open, they provide air circulation from both sides of the pane. Most of the time, the room will have a single window in it, and in this case, the centre-pivot window can effectively do the job and provide excellent air circulation in the room.

  • Due to how it functions, it takes less available space - this makes it excellent for smaller spaces: whether you want to install the window in the attic or another room if it is connected to the roof, it is likely on the smaller side. If the room is small, has low ceilings, etc. you don't want a window that takes up a lot of area when you open it, but you want a compact and flexible one - this is another reason why you should be glazing centre-pivot roof windows. Thanks to its smart top control bar, it takes minimal area when you open it, and this means you can maximize air circulation and natural light in the room without sacrificing the room design, furniture placement and overall aesthetics you're going for.

  • Natural lighting: the amount of natural lighting a room gets is really important if you want the room to feel cosy and comfortable. If the room doesn't get enough natural lighting, you might feel clustered, and studies are showing it even impacts the person's mental health. All of these reasons make it paramount for you to try to maximize the natural lighting in your rooms. Thankfully, you can easily do that when you order a centre-pivot window. After you finish glazing the product on your roof, you'll be amazed by the amount of available natural lighting in your room.

  • Enhanced energy efficiency: our cutting-edge windows can be operated through a wall switch offering electric operation. And due to smart programming and excellent thermal performance, they also provide unparalleled insulation. You don't need to worry about rising energy bills any longer.