VERSA V8 Reset 47cm x 73cm Side Hung Safe Laminated Glass Skylight Access Roof window

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Versa Reset is an access window designed to provide ventilation and light for uninhabited and unheated loft spaces.

It enables easy access to the roof and provides good lighting.

This is PREMIUM Skylight.

VERSA V8 RESET is available in user-friendly sizes. The access hatch is made of impregnated, pine wood, bonded in layers. It has a drainage gutter, a handle for opening the sash (it can be opened in 3 positions) and a closing limiter, so that the sash does not close uncontrollably during work on the roof.

VERSA V8 RESET set also include a threshold - effectively protecting the woodwork when exiting through the skylight and pressing the lower part of the frame with footwear. The sash of the access roof can be installed on the right or left side - user decision at any time - also after the installation. VERSA RESET WVR V8 can be installed on roofs with an angle of 5 to 75 degrees, in most roof coverings (universal flange). The product can be installed in horizontal combinations using one type of flashing, in any number, leaving only a 12 cm gap between them.


  • Glazing: external toughened pane, inner laminated pane - P2A Class ( 4H - 14 - 33.2 )

  • profile made of high-quality pine wood
  • profile colour - natural wood
  • integrated EPDM flashing
  • the extruded aluminum frame and the EPDM flashing are made in the same colour RAL 7016
  • roof pitch 5-75° 
  • open to the left or right side
  • has a variable opening direction of the sash
  • possibility of free installation in combination - by using integrated, universal RESET flashing (for horizontal combinations)
  • safe installation - the lack of sharp elements minimizes risk of injury
  • 5 Years Guarantee


  • tile support
  • opening restrictor
  • threshold
  • lead apron with EPDM
  • sealing wedges
  • drainage gutter
  • sash locking handle in 3 positions
  • EPDM flashing

Brand Versa
Model Reset WVR V8
Size (W x H) 47 x 73cm
Flashing Type Universal integrated EPDM Flashing
Opening Method Side Hung
Frame Material Pine Wood
Internal Finish Pine
External Finish RAL 7016
Glazing P2A Class
Glazing Feature Laminated Inner Pane For Safety + Toughened External Glazing
Roof Pitch 5°-75°
Guarantee 5 Years
Designed To Provide Ventilation And Light For Uninhabited And Unheated Loft Spaces


simply great

We've installed plenty of these types of skylights in the past but these ones are very innovative as the flashing is made of EPDM not metal. Installation is the same as the others but no bleeding fingers :)
I would recommend this product

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VERSA  V8 Reset 47cm x 73cm Side Hung Safe Laminated Glass Skylight Access Roof window

VERSA V8 Reset 47cm x 73cm Side Hung Safe Laminated Glass Skylight Access Roof window

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